The Market , Bitcoin governance and the usual pumps


Yes well Bitcoin governs the markets, which pretty well nullifys any real work done by any alt, Bitcoin drops then you drop your pants.

The rise and fall, pretty much folllows market with signal trading.

The hodler made to look like a fool, high and dry and tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Should the Nem foundation have been a little more honest before they greased their billions with the funds of investors?


The value of bitcoin risen suddenly and it touches almost $20K but after that it decreased and currently, it is on an average $9k. The motive of bitcoin is to launch a digital currency which circulates at the time of recession but now people use it for investment.

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Yes but all this Bitcoin “enthusiasts” obviously sold hard for cash.
That is not investment it is a monthly trade.
If they were real investors then why did they sell hard and dump the market?
I am new to this but imho that is slick trading, not investing.
Investing is putting money into a project in order to see a return once that project bears fruit, it does not happen in a few months.

They are not buying for value they are simply buying in so they can sell hard when the initial buying capital is raised. It is not supply and demand but simply maths of a price rising once people invest.
Once people invest this is seen and is generally accepted as a great time to dump and sell for profit.

So really the projects need to raise capital beyond ICOs and speculation.

Yet raising capital in the decentralised ‘‘free world’’ of BlockChain is a dirty word and consequently we sit by and watch “Bitcoin gurus” make billions and never question why the wealth is only going one direction… to the top.

At the end of the day we still trade in cash on fiat systems well capable of accommodating all our needs.

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