The Nem thing in Malaysia

ok well for a start up the cost of courses seems to be very very similar to propriety software.
Personally you guys have millions and the first thing I hear from the Malaysia center is courses that cost 2-3k a piece?
You should really bee teaching grads and high school kids for free.

I am perplexed, and I dislike the lack of opportunity here in this model.

30 people is a rather weak penetration.


What are we talking about exactly? This?

As far as us running the training there are costs associated with it. As far as NEM paying for the course or subsidizing the whole thing - I’m don’t have control over this. I will say my team flying to Malaysia to do the training is borderline losing money FYI

In USA we would likely charge $4,000 USD for this training.

Keep in mind TINSTAAFL

Also, you know we do give away NEM courses for free? If in-person is too expensive people can grab some of our free online course coupons.

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I guess so but you are not really attracting raw talent, or even people genuinely interested.
Most probably folk who have their company pay the costs so they can have something to stick on their resume for the next promotion.

But yes a price upwards of 2k or 4k would indeed be prohibitive for many.
I guess you are correct in saying there are costs involved with training and of course we all have bills to pay.

If these courses became successful maybe the Nem foundation could add some funds for small initiatives here and there that allow for a few free courses now and then, say as a prize for a competition or something.

Anyway I have edited my post, my apologies for the rant, I really have no authority or business making harsh criticisms so that is why I have edited the post and left it at that.


2k USD is quite expensive. considering NEM is API driven, most of knowledge could gain from self learning or those free source codes example available online.