The right podcast format for Symbol and NEM

Hello #NEM and #Symbol,

TLDR;: I want to launch a podcast series, what format would you rather want to follow?

:one: Interview/Report/Review format

:two: Story telling/Showcase/Case Study format

:three: Educational/Tutorial/Guide format

:four: Community gatherings (interactive for guests)

:five: Community gatherings (non-interactive / pre-agreed presenters)

:six: Focus group specific format

:seven: Integrations boost / Industry news

The results of this vote would help in defining a more engaging format for people interested in Symbol. Feel free to vote for multiple items in your comment, if you are interested in more than one of those. Podcast content can be community-led, even, with trusted curators. We’ll come up with something about that in due time.

Bitcoin communities and others have found great engagement in an audio-only podcast format, and I want to try it with Symbol, too.

You can also send a 0 mosaic transfer transaction using Symbol with your choice as a message to following address (in case you rather stay anonymous or prefer to vote on-chain:):


Thank you!


I vote 1 & 3
What type of guests are you planning to invite for interviews?


Haven’t decided on the exact interview style ; couldn’t say but I’d broadly want to define it as blockchain enthusiasts and developers and NEMbers and Symbols :slight_smile:

1 & 3

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I vote for #2 & #3.

There is a big need for Case Studies and Educational Aids and Tutorials. Case Studies are the preferred way that Medical Schools keep medical students in touch with the most recent difficult cases that allows for faster learning and practical applications.

We also have a need for tutorials. I am often surprised at the number of individuals who are still struggling with the concept of protecting your keys and mnemonic seeds. It is for this reason, I believe, that custodial services like Coinbase and Binance are so popular. We need to emphasize the basics of cryptography and blockchains as often as possible.

As cryptocurrencies and blockchains continue to grow and adopted widely, the need for case studies and tutorials will only increase. It is how I have taught myself the basics and acquired a functional level of understanding.

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Thank you for this in-depth feedback, very appreciated :+1: :ok_hand:

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If possible, I’d like that a transcription of the podcasts.

For many people here english is not the first language an we can better understand written text than voice.
Written text is also quicker to search into.

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Yes, this is totally feasible and a great input. Thank you :slight_smile:

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1, 3