The silver coin fund

The silver coin fund was part of the social contract the founders made with the early adopters who built NEM, and I’m sure the current leadership understands that.

what these funds will be final?
will be funds for what for NEM Foundation WHICH ONLY DO NAILS AND HAIRS???

also the NEM Foundation tell that will see that
and until now nothing

what decision you had made for that???

Firstly, the personal attacks need to stop. The silvercoin fund is not under the purview of the NEM Foundation. We do not own, nor have access to those funds.
I can understand frustration when there is not straight answer given, but I cannot give you that answer as it is not within my power to do so.
Foundation has released its Executive overview for Q1, we are overseen by a trust, and there is no misuse of funds, so honestly, the ‘hair and nails’ comment is inappropriate and unacceptable.
I would ask you to reevaluate your comments and come back with constructive questions.
Have a good day,

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you at elections tell to members to vote you
for silver foundation solution
and now you tell me that you do not have the private keys
which person have the keys(Satoshi Nakamoto)?

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also last question why you all at nem foundations paid ?
for what?

only that you had do is to list NEM AT KUCOIN EXCHANGE NONTHING MORE

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I said that I would look into it. Again, it is not held by the Foundation.
We had no mandate to be listed on Kucoin.
If you can keep your questions constructive, we’ll do our best to address them.
Kind regards,

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