The tax man will not just dissapear you know

So Nano-wallet has no features to download a full statement for an account.
Well yr not going to compete with banks or governments without those very basic functions.
A statement of transactions is needed, from start to finish.
God knows how many will fall into trouble without this ( A LOT).
IMHO it has been neglected in 2017 because everyone was taking cash, 2018 neglected because nobody was making cash so in reality it would be very useful to garner your local investors who require statements for their yearly declarations, not to mention businesses that have only one person in accounts and do not really want to manually cut and past every key in the chain into a readable document,it could take days, weeks.

If there was a project of coders that could streamline this then I would definitely vote for it.
It is no use building a car without a maintenance schedule.

BTW, Nano - wallet was one of the reasons I turned to Nem, the guys that made this really did their homework.
I believe that it can grow and become much more.

You can add modules to Nano Wallet so what you are describing can be done by one good dev.


You can download the complete history of an account from

It is a very useful web :slight_smile:


A csv-export should actually be a basic component of a wallet (not only in the nano-wallet, but also in all other wallets, whether mobile phone or wherever). With his nem-tools, Marc0o has provided a good tool for all non-developers to read the data clearly. Spider is right when he says that it is no problem for a good developer to develop a module for the nano wallet, unfortunately nobody does (why :wink:? ). The developers or even users who are familiar with the API don’t need this, they just read out their data themselves.
But for the “new or normal user” it might be a problem to read the data correctly. An important service that we should not neglect. In my opinion, documentation is becoming more and more important.
Personally, I am of the opinion, that one should always have at least two or more possibilities to synchronize data with each other.


Yes, do any other wallets have statement download available?
I’ll take a large guess and say no.
Nano-wallet could indeed do this without the need to download tools from other sites.
That method removes 80-90% of the mainstream userbase not many want or are technically minded to download third party add ons, well at least it would have more credibility to the new user if it was a part of nano wallet.
Making the user search the net and install a module is a bit of an uneeded task.

thanks for referring to my service.

but additionally you should always check by yourself especially the amounts of mosaics. I am making us of a nem-library version that has some issue on giving the right amounts for certain mosaics.

and the history currently doesn’t contain all types of transactions. creation of namespaces for example isn’t included in the history.

@deleted_user_1 is there a version available where the problem with the amount of mosaics is solved?


Try the version 2.0.0-RC1, it’s not compatible with the 1.X.X, so you will have to make some changes. It should be fast.

After the upgrade, if the issue still persists, open an issue in the repository.

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