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Thank you for showing consideration regarding the situation.


I am a scientist (I actually have a PhD in biology and research is my job) - I wasn’t attacking you personally but in my world claims have to be backed up with evidence. Without thorough research, testing and peer review people can at best have a false hope in a cure with no merit or worse take something that will do them harm.


So does the church…do you accuse priests too of immoral activity?


If they offered an ICO promising salvation then yes for sure.


In germany they are receiving taxes for promising salvation, is that better?
Anyway, i think we shouldn’t continue this discussion, i think it is harmless and shouldn’t be attacked.


you couldent be more wrong and by the way the tax is from the time germany was ruled by nazis and they just simply dident remove that law. the only time the churche offered salvation for money was in the middle Ages. and to let me tell you that greece,italy, belgium, spain, denmark and noway pay tax for the church or they get money from the govermant wich is the same.
i have lost money thro bad ico s and since this is a good blockchain project i also dont want it to be involved in this “project”. see tiberius is maybe a nice guy but he is going for the fast money. and since cell regeneration is slowing down after geting 25years it is simple not possible to have a structure of a 16years old with 40. but thx for your post b.rookie.


Hi Dorian,

Long time, no seen buddy. Glad to see you got involved in the topic. I’ve checked your article link and it’s totally true.

Except for the fact that cellular rejuvenation at an old age has already been accomplished by Harvard scientists in 2010.

Feel free to check the attached link:

I am sure you will reply with some serious questions that I actually asked myself after reading this clinical trial a long time ago but nevertheless, let’s talk on this topic. It’s an interesting perspective in regards of age-reversal.

And yes, I am a nice guy, but the way I have in mind to conduct this ICO, doesn’t even remotely resemble to gaining fast money. I will launch the website soon, and as I promised, I will not post anything ever again on NEM forum, but I will give you the link to judge it in a private message. I hope you will have the patience to read the white-papers and the road-map and give your fair opinion on what do you think about it. I know that anti-aging market is a sensitive one, and conducting an ICO on this screams “snake oil” but just go through the documents and make your own conclusions.


i do not care about my body to be honest, i do pray to the lord and i am running fine with it.
so lets talk:
you can do whatever you want but dont do it in the nem forum. i also notice your posts on facebook on different crypto groups thats okay keep it on fb and i am fine. by the way the link you attached talks about mice.

have a good night tiberiu, i will stay open mindet and will follow your work.

p.s. i realy dont think we should get much older, world has already overpopulation problems and i think we should give a shoot to the next generations as well but that is another story. natur is good as it is.


But you do agree that the Harvard study is legit and the studies conducted on mice revealed that age can actually be reversed. Nevertheless, you are right. I was wrong to promote my ICO on the NEM forum and I learned it on the hard way. And I will give you the link of the website once it goes live.

And while I respect your opinion about us getting old, I don’t believe that we should die relatively young just to prevent over-population. The planet is big enough for all of us and the only thing that triggered the “overpopulation control” thing is the greed of big corporations that are in the oil business, because if alternative energy would go mainstream to overcome the old technologies, overpopulation would just be a word of the past in the history books. But people are greedy and they want to preserve a system that has proved to work for ages. I am totally against that and I hope some day, our generation will live to see the day when this global control will be over.

And good night to you too buddy. Take care.


All things are wearisome; Man is not able to tell it. The eye is not satisfied with seeing, Nor is the ear filled with hearing. 9That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. 10Is there anything of which one might say, "See this, it is new "? Already it has existed for ages Which were before us.…

we will stay greedy, thats why i (we) invested


You almost sound like Michael Douglas in “Wallstreet 2 - Money Never Sleeps” :smile: when he held his speech.
Truth is, we as humans are greedy and that’s a fact. It’s in our nature. And that’s a fact that is known throughout history.


Church tax in germany has its origin in the 19th century. It was definitely not something that was added by the nazis.
But my statement was a bit misleading, I didn’t want to state that the church gets taxes for salvation promises, just wanted to say that they collect taxes from people and that they promises a lot that can’t be scientifically verified.


well yes it started there you are right, final form is from ns regim.


… licence number: K 00177156 …
…In spelling no doubt…
BTW: A LICENSE, by definition is a government permission slip to do something that would otherwise be UNlawful. So, what would be UNlawful to do that your “LICENcE” now enables you to now do?


peer review and clinical trials also dont really mean much… or at least they arent exactly water proof. many many peer review journals are ‘pay and display’, where any sort of tripe can be published. even in many of the most respected journals, a lot of methods cannot be reproduced, or there is clear bias. its not so difficult to produce evidence that supports an idea, while neglecting evidence that refutes it. i know a lot of people working in scientific industries, especially biotech, and they all agree on this.


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