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So you’ve reversed ageing? This is impressive.

Why do you need an ICO? Any company on the planet would give you trillions instantly.


This doesn’t seem like Snakeoil at all.


This should in no way be associated with NEM - it’s a complete scam with no scientific foundation.


Anyone can use NEM for anything. Even for running a scam.

There are scams out there. There always will be. The only thing community can do about it is to start “we don’t like this project” list. This will be the first entry.


Incredible. This is such on-the-nose hucksterism it’s almost hilarious. An anti-ageing elixir.

You’ve managed to perfectly exemplify all that is wrong with ICOs. Hopefully people will have learnt enough of a lesson throwing money at Ethereum ICOs for NEM to not suffer so much.

Come sweet regulation, and put an end to this staggering nonsense. It’s inevitable at this point.


Agreed but a) allowing this on the official NEM forum and b) the guy trying to add credibility by displaying “Powered by NEM” and “Registered with CopyrightBank” logos - may imply that it is in some way endorsed.


First of all, I want to clarify some things:

I’m not selling any “snake oil” as people claim. I’m simply raising funds to start a supplement company.
The powder I plan to produce and sell is made of natural ingredients from some of the most powerful plants/vegetables/fruits in the world, carefully selected by me (I’m a level 5 nutritionist), a botanical researcher, and a professional body-builder. We’ve put our minds together and came-up with what we think is the perfect mix of ingredients to reverse CELLULAR AGING, not the age in your ID card ! Basically, it will reverse your biological age which is very doable and we wouldn’t be the first ones to achieve that. You can find countless clinical trials on Google, medical documents, that show the possibility of cell-rejuvenation through mega-dosing anti-oxidants.

But of course, most people only look at the click-bait title, don’t even bother to read the full article and combined with the fact that they have no authority in terms of nutrition at a scientific level, they scream “Scaaam!!!”

I am a well-respected member on this community and some of the members of this forum know that very well. Why would I put myself in an embarrassing situation and get trolled, lose all the credibility I gained throughout the months I’ve been a member here, just to pull-out a scam?

This is a very well documented project and once the website will be launched, you will all be free to check the whitepapers.

But of course, it’s easy for people to judge without actually make their research.

Instead of making accusations which have no argument, wouldn’t it be better to just do your own research? Or at least ask questions and then make your mind based on the answers given?


And based on what would we do our research ? It’s not like we know the ingredients or the exact mechanisms you’re wanting to manipulate.

If this does what you say, I’ll buy the shit out of the final product. But right now it looks like snakeoil, like everything else does before it’s proven.


I totally understand that, that’s why I keep stressing about the fact that everything will be revealed in the whitepapers.


Just publishing magic ingredients in a whitepaper means nothing. Until your claims are supported by peer review and clinical trials then I call SCAM.


I’m wondering the same thing … and here you are, doing just that.

(I’m level 52 Alchemist and I say that this stinks like snake oil.)


Well, can you provide a 52 level alchemist certificate? Because I know I can provide you my level 5 nutrition certificate with my unique licence number which can be verified.



You forgot to fill-in the licence number :rofl:


Please find below the list of ingredients used in creating the powder. Quantities will be disclosed in the whitepapers after the product will be registered with Copyright Bank. Further updates will be available soon.


Sigh… You just put some random vitamins, minerals and extracts together. Where is the scientific proof that it is effective against ageing? Seems from your sales pitch that you have a sample size of 1 (your friend “Johny”) which instantly proves that your claim is bogus. You are trying to profit from gullible people and that’s wrong, plain and simple.


I don’t believe that this should have anything to do with the NEM community. Let me address some of the things you have mentioned.

“I’m also a level 5 certified nutritionist specialized in anti-aging dieting.”

So I looked up “Level 5 nutritionist” and I found somethings rather interesting. You can get this “diploma” in a matter of 60 hours. This is not a real degree at all. A “level 5 nutritionist” is not a thing. You are simply a con man dressed up in a suit with a phony diploma trying to get people to invest in your snake oil business.

One of my older ambitions was to create the perfect supplement to help in reversing the aging process

Sadly the anti-aging business is a real market and many people buy into it out of vanity. I see you are also going for the organic hype, the anti-oxidant hype and the super food hype. Nutrition does play a big role health but you’d be better off seeing a qualified nutritionist (that has at least a bachelors degree from a good university) than taking some snake oil powder. Furthermore, taking such supplements can actually be harmful to health. You are better off eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and taking care of your mental health.

I always felt that this is possible at a cellular level, as long as you can get the right fuel for the body to repair the cell

Get the right fuel for the body to repair the cell. How much do you actually know about biology?

All this theory would have remained a theory if I hadn’t gone further by creating the first “prototype” product after carefully selecting organic powder extracts from the most powerful super-foods known by man, and conducting a 2 years experiment on a friend of mine that needed help urgently to restore his health, as his body was slowing starting to fail him (kidneys, liver and heart).

Sample size of one, that’s just great. Let me give you all my money right now.


Dear NEM community,

Due to the disappointing hostile reactions I have received from you, I have decided to remove the post as I had enough with the trolling.

I was under the impression that the NEM forum is a place where creative ideas are encouraged but as far as I see, that is not the case, at least regarding some of the members. I wish to address the NEM community members that felt intrigued by the ICO that I presented in this post, and I respect their opinions regardless of the disappointment.

The product I was promoting was not “snake oil” as I was accused of, and yes, it has been tested with success, and yes, the ICO goes ahead as planned, but I will not promote it any more on this forum, and that’s a decision I stick to.

I will also not post any more any articles regarding NEM price prediction as I used to do, regardless of the fact that I produced some of the most engaging articles, one of them reaching over 7K + hits being in the top 4 articles on the whole forum right after technical tutorials.

I’ve been accused of being a crook in a suit and that’s something I will not tolerate. For the ones that are doubting my eligibility as a nutritionist and claim that my diploma is a 60h course, I wish to address this matter by saying the following thing:

My qualification as a Nutrition Technician is based on a diploma that has 1080 hours of theoretical and practice preparation ! Not 60 !

Tu sustain this claim I invite you all to check the authenticity using the following licence number: K 00177156

Prior to having this certificate which I got in 2016 just to be able to practice nutrition as a self-employed, I already had 7 years behind of self-taught knowledge, information I researched on the internet over the years and practiced on myself, having achievements starting with losing 26 kg of body fat in 6 month in 2010, and after I got experienced both theoretically and practically, I started helping-out my friends, one of them being Johny who I was talking about in the ICO announcement.

I am very disappointed with the shallow thinking of some of the members on the forum, as their first reaction is to stab people with words just because they don’t like how an idea is exposed. I was given tons of accusations but not a single question in a polite matter was ever addressed. And yes, I had only one example to give in regards of medical cure (my friend Johny) because he was the only one who was sick up to a point where medical treatments weren’t working for him and I offered my help and he accepted, because he had nothing to lose. If I had 10 friends in similar situations, I would have gladly given you 10 examples.

In the light of those circumstances I have only one thing to say: thank you for your lack of support, as it only makes me even more determined to move forward with the project, and the ICO will be successful not because I am selling “snake” oil but because I have a genuine working product. I respectfully asked you countless times to wait for the website and white-papers to come-out before you judge. You didn’t want to wait, therefore, now, I am the one who has lost patience.



Although i do not believe in such products, i think some users here showed an overreaction.
At least where i live it is allowed to sell such a product without a scientific proof of effectiveness as long as it does no harm to the human body. No need to be hostile imo.
Anyone is free to do his personal ICO on the NEM blockchain that he/she believes in.