Timestamp Deadline?


On the blockchain explorer i see a thing called Timestamp Deadline… what is its purpose?
My transaction has not gone through, and im wondering what the deadline means


The Deadline is used to ensure that a transaction is included before X time, if the transaction is not included in a block before the deadline, the transaction is dismissed.


By dismissed… you mean refunded to the sender?


Because it has been dismissed, it was never sent to the other account. We can see it as a refund … But I think that there’s a word which represents more the concept.

By the blockchain point of view, an account exchanges the XEM (for example) when a transaction is included in a block. When a transaction is unconfirmed, the amount is still in the origin account, and it’s not until the transaction is confirmed that the amount is successfully transferred.

I don’t know if I’ve explained well, but I hope that you catch the idea :grin:


Well enough +1


Is this mean that if the transaction not confirmed the XEM will go back to my wallet !?


If deadline pass and transaction is still not confirmed its not valid for network and it doesn’t change balance.