To all who are concerned, and to the NEM Core Team

To all who are concerned, and to the NEM Core Team.

I would like to make a suggestion.

Is it possible to pick up the bounty program? The former Foundation had a bounty program for video contributions, blog posts, and meet-ups. There were a few guidelines that can be adopted.

I am aware that some people think that there is no need for a reward. But I think that it is worthwhile to create motivation. A set annual budget. The works according to fixed procurement rules. That is, to be precise, a decentralized advertising measure. If no participants apply, or if no material matching the criteria is submitted. The budget provided for this remains untouched.
I know that there were, for example, in the technical field, even without incentive, countable successes. But I think that such a program would be interesting again, and generate positive contributions.

Thank you.

P.S. maybe 1million XEM as the initial budget for the year 2019.


Hi @Stinghe_Dorian, thanks for bringing this up. We are working on a bounty program in the lead up towards the launch of Catapult. There are some structures in place for the tech side. NEM Foundation’s aim is that everyone is able to contribute to NEM’s core objectives. This will be an area we will address during the AMA update in May.


Are there any details about this bounty program? Or will you tell us later?

Hi @Stinghe_Dorian, appreciate the suggestion. We are gearing up the new bounty program for Catapult. There will be changes compared to the old program.

And yes @Jan , details will be released later :slight_smile:

Greetings Jan,

Unfortunately, the bounty policies have been removed from If I remember rightly, there were between $ 100-250 in xem per video, depending on the quality. That’s a bit much, I would adapt that.

For blog articles there was 1000usd in xem, should also be adapted. Hundred are sure more than enough for the time being.

Depending on the participant, there are fixed budgets for meet-ups. Was paid only from 20 participants. I’ve organized 3, but never reached the 20. @dajx29 Unfortunately, the Foundation has closed several Meetup Groups last year. After that they were reopened, but not as many participants as before. One of the reasons I would outsource this time, i suggest not to run on Foundation.

All in all, this is just a suggestion, the guidelines for it, the core team should meet.


Thanks for the feedback. We closed the meetup groups because we are updating the guidelines and the qualifications. We will announce this soon. Again appreciate the patience and contributions you are giving in any way you can.


As far as I remember, they were closed in July or August 2018, at least I know that from Munich. After complaining and contacting NEM Europe, it was reopened, unfortunately no longer with already collected, 150 participants. Am I right in the assumption that you have closed it again?

Anyway, I would prefer the decentralized model I suggested. You understand that the previous experiences, no matter which Foundation composition, were not positive. But yes, certainly better than nothing.

Cheers ?, have a good day.

P.S. I also remember to have asked you for a group opening for Stuttgart. Unsuccessful, without any answer.

I’m not sure about Munich and Stuttgart. We will have to check with @Xpedite as the Regional Head of Europe that time. But meetups were closed after the election as we are updating and improving the guidelines.

We appreciate the patience Dorian. I can understand the struggle that everyone has been through after the election. But we are doing our best to make things better and work together for NEM.

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I try to formulate it as diplomatically as possible. Dear Dona, I have had patience. After 3 years it is used up, at least as far as the Foundation is concerned. It is only wise, man should learn from mistakes.
I do not want to discuss the whole event and the chain of guilt again. Was not the plan for this post. I have taken note that the NF is planning a bounty program. That’s all.
You do not have to thank me, and whenever I think it’s necessary, I’ll address what needs to be addressed. My problem with NF did not start after the election but unfortunately is permanent.

Ok, I will wait for more details!

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