Баланс аккаунта 0

30 июня перевёл на свой кошелёк NBGACO-4MED2A-VBMWZT-CEU4UB-A5PZUV-HVHMSN-YFSH - 10 078 XEM. Транзакция в кошельке отображается, но активный баланс по прежнему равен 0???

Hello. Looking at transfer history:

Coins where immediatly transfered to exchange. Are you sure you were not scammed? What wallet did you use? Maybe you shared private key?

Wallet Windows 64bit. If I made a mistake with the address, the transaction would not be displayed on my wallet. There is a transaction for receiving, there are no transactions for withdrawal. What kind of deception can there be?.

Please excuse me! I was wrong- NBGACO-4MED2A-VBMWZT-CEU4UB-A5PZUV-HVHMSN-YFSH the address of the exchange from which I transferred XEM to my address NBIPIO-M7DTUG-N7ZVW3-MDUBVP-YO55PW-D3U33T-WZPP. NBIPIO-M7DTUG-N7ZVW3-MDUBVP-YO55PW-D3U33T-WZPP my account address

I don’t understand! Please explain! My account address is NBIPIO-M7DTUG-N7ZVW3-MDUBVP-YO55PW-D3U33T-WZPP. Were XEM tokens sent from my NBIPIO-M7DTUG-N7ZVW3-MDUBVP-YO55PW-D3U33T-WZPP account to NBGACO-4MED2A-VBMWZT-CEU4UB-A5PZUV-HVHMSN-YFSH address?

No one could have known my private key

I don’t understand how it can be sent immediately, if the balance must become active for sending, and this is a few days???!!! :roll_eyes: