Transaction is not completed


the message to XEM wallet address was empty or wrong. This issued the problem.
But how to solve this problem now?

transaction ID: zu172gcbjvevuvjd

pls support my by this topic.
Thanks in advance

the address alone is not very helpful. The tx hash of the transaction is more important.
If it was a transaction to a exchange or similar, you need to ask exchange support for help.

(No message is required for a simple transaction from private wallet to private wallet.)

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Input hash is: 498072ba79bc8f6977df5a5f486cee58a274de6bb05794c9ef63100ad35e30be

I just wanted to try out nem wallet and did transfer ADA to nem wallet.


What you mean by ADA? Cardano? Is other blockchain. You can’t transfer it to NEM wallet.

Transaction with this hash doesn’t exists:

yes, its Carnado.
I’ve used Instant Exchanges service to transfer Cardano to nem wallet.

So you need contact with Changelly support and ask for explanation because transaction with such id doesn’t exists in NEM blockchain.
Probably they have some problem submitting it to network.

Yes, I did contact them and get following respond:

"Dear Alex,

It is possible that your wallet does not require message. Please contact the support team of your wallet to make sure.

If message is not required, just let us know, and we’ll push your payment through manually without a message.

Looking forward!

Now is the question, what exactly is the empty or wrong “message” to avoid such issue in the future by using Instant Exchanges service.


No. Your wallet doesn’t require any message (it’s your personal wallet no other exchange) .
Transaction doesn’t exists at all in blockchain so they should investigate on the Changelly side:

Destination NEM wallet is also empty:

:+1: Thanks a lot!