Transaction with nem2-sdk-go doesn't work in testnet; Golang



I’m working on a Go app that makes XEM transfers from one address to another. I was very happy to find a Go library Has someone used it in a project?

I created an account in testnet, indicated address of the node (baseUrl = “”) and tried to send the following requests from the examples:

All I changed, was url of the testnet and my account info.

I have about 500 test XEM on my account, which I see in my nanoWallet, but when I try to get account info with the code above, I receive this error message {“code”:“ResourceNotFound”,“message”:“no resource exists with id ‘TDWWYDGQNBKSAJBSHZX7QWVX7WNVAWWB7HGPWRB2’”}, and when I try to send a transaction using the example code, I get log:
packet 9 was pushed to the network via /transaction
Hash: 25931F6F9B33B508900932EE1276A045262205D6D4681D80DB78CA9201C217D7
Signer: 094BE22911747F13D87B548517139D31C36FCC95B51F2DC592E4B67C1CD0CF62

but my wallet balance doesn’t change.

Could you please help me and point out what I am doing wrong and how to send a transaction? I hope, this library can do it and there is a minor bug or a misunderstanding.

If you have any advice/code snippet of any other way how to send a transaction in a Go app from wallet A to wallet B, it’ll be great. I don’t want to run my own Nem node.

I also read Nis docs but Transaction section seems to only describe how to send a transaction to a local instance.