Transfer from my own nem wallet address to the same address

Hello there,

I accidentally made the XEM transfer from my NEM wallet account to my NEM wallet account with an incorrect message. The sending address and the receiving address are the same. NEM has disappeared. What should I do?

Looks like you sent to Binance withdraw address?
You have contact Binance support, provide transaction id and ask to send back coins.

When I look at the details, the address in the TO line and my NEM wallet address look the same. Is this normal?

How they look the same for you?
You have sent from Primery address in your wallet to Binance address.
Please paste here transaction id.

In the image I added, the From line appears as the Primary To line as the NEm Wallet address.

Your address is not on the image.

The address NDBRUFE7R5OANEDE43VCTMUVRHTI6XZ7TQFVNTMU belongs to the exchange. Your address is NA42HK7YX2ERRCGPULKH5G7UKNV3G5T4RKVH3WFY.

As @CryptoBeliever said, you should contact Binance support.

NDBRUFE7R5OANEDE43VCTMUVRHTI6XZ7TQFVNTMU this address not my binance address

I uploaded the image of the wrong operation. I mistakenly pasted MEMO at the end of the address in the process.

Let’s check your transaction in the explorer.


And it means that you typed the correct address and the incorrect message. Please, contact Binance support and provide them transaction ID to get a refund.

Updated: There is a chance that the recipient address is incorrect too. I don’t really understand what happened, but it looks like both addresses (in “recipient” and “message”) belong to an exchange.

But in any case you should contact exchange support.

How can I access my transaction ID

The txid is a “Hash” in the explorer.

Your transaction NEM - BlockChain Explorer

You have sent to Binance WITHDRAW address instead DEPOSIT address.
You also put wrong message. So both address and message are invalid.
You have contact Binance support.

Thank you very much for your help. I created a request for binance support. I hope I can save.

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