Transfer from NEM wallet to exchange, "Pending" with only 4/20 Confirmations for 10 hours


I initiated a transfer transaction to send XEM from my NEM Wallet to the exchange. The exchange shows the status as “Pending”, it has only received 4 out of the 20 required confirmations and has been stuck at this status for approximately 10 hours. Details follow:





Is there a solution to this problem, or a way to cancel and re-start the transaction?

Thanks in advance, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Transaction is done: requires memo? If not and address is correct you should contact support.

Thanks for the reply. still shows the transaction as “Pending” with 4/20 Confirmations. The address is correct, it was copied and pasted and the exchange can see the incoming transaction. They do not require a memo. When I click on the TxID link in the “XEM Recent deposit records” area, it takes me to a website (“”) which is an invalid link, it says the site can’t be reached. So the nemtool explorer says the transaction is done, but the exchange says it’s still pending. The XEM has left my wallet, but never arrived at the destination. Is there any way to see exactly where the XEM is? Sorry buy my experience is limited. I will contact and see there is a flaw in their system.

Maybe they deposit system stuck. I would wait a bit and if still will be same contact their support.