Transfer problem and what need improve

I faced several problem to transfer XYM from my app wallet to Kucoin. Im dealing with Cryptos for 6 years and I use many wallets, so, what XYM wallet need improve, it is just a suggestion:

1-Fix Scan QR to recognize other adds without copy and paste,
2- Transaction and confirmation (32) took almost 17 minutes to finalize, shoul be less than 3 minutes.
3- I could not process more than two transfers without re start my app,
4- Make the transfer bar easy, in case to clear all XYM and not just left few ammount because the fee does not allow to type full amount, its very anoying,
5- what the use of a wallet that cannot use for others coins? at least NEM wallet has options to see the value on BTC and others currencies,

Drop me a drink,