Trikar for NEM Foundation Council

No, but I would very much appreciate the foundation to be very clear about the distinction. Up until now, we just heard X was gonna use nem. In most cases that meant private chains but all the community could do was speculate because it was never clearly layed out. If a community member asked for clarification, they were mostly met with “why does that matter, it’s all nem tech” which imho is complete and utter idiocy.

You’re right about that and I think the criticism wasn’t meant to say, don’t create awareness. I think what that criticism is getting at, is that there seem to be a lot of meetups and interviews and all sorts of things driving awareness but then there does not seem to be any follow-up on that. No developer onbaording, no proper support for projects (a few even stated publicly that they couldn’t manage to get in touch with the foundation) and the documentation for the api just doesn’t seem to cut it.

In the current state of the crypto-space POI is pretty much POS. The difference would probably be negligible.

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Hi Trikar,

What do you think about having and promoting a private chain that nobody cares in the Nem community?
Any exchanges or wallets you keep in mind?
Good luck!

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If you read about about my policy I shared some examples from companies using private chains. The market is going that way.

This a open question to @Inside_NEM, Core devs, other candidates and community. Nobody pointed about this in their policies, only me. So that’s the reason I’m sharing this concerns because it;s what I’m seeing on the ground in HK, Asia and other countries.

About the exchanges and wallets, the market and technology is moving so fast. New exchanges and wallets are coming and others are closing. If I get elected I would like to have a consensual strategy with all Council, president and VP about this, and see which wallet or exchange can benefit more NEM and the ecosystem.

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IMHO: We need a proper algorithm in place to adjust the public chain tx fees to the market price of the XEM tokens.
We at LuxTag have a huge problem selling larger-scale projects which would play very nicely on public chain - because of future planning safety for the cost of using the public chain. We offered pricing of e.g. US$0.50 per product secured via NEM&LuxTag on the public chain - for a fashion brand producing tens of thousands of items per month.
But after discussions with the customer, we had to admit that there is no ruleset for adaptive transaction cost and now we’re about to loose the lead because the customer says “well, if we really need to downgrade to private chain, we can almost just go with a well secured database then, can’t we?” So they actually counter-proposed to use some system like FACTOM with a conventional database and hashes of the DB secured to a public blockchain.

We want adaptive (or predictable) US$ value of NEM TX FEES :slight_smile:

Sorry if i hijacked this thread for the above message @Trikar_Blockchain

Greetings, Rene @ LuxTag


All the Best , happy to see you in the council.

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My question to you is:-

Would you support for a complete audit of NEM foundation accounts to understand the burn rate and operational expense and to analyze the funds utilization ?

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Hi Lionheart.
No problem in work for more transparency and Audition.
Regions have to ask for budgets and council and exco are aware of this.
Alexandra were pointing some issues for the last Q but apart from that NF has funds enough to keep going.
Probably we need to be more strategic using some funds. Look the market, where we need to push forward etc.

Some projects are using both chains in order to save money for transactions. I remember Ready PlayGo saying that they will use nem public chain for transparency (game scores and results) and Nem private for speed and players privacy data.
If uxtag and others are facing these issues and losing potential customers devs have to find a solution if we want to focus and grow Nem public chain ecosystem.

I am not going to comment too much, since I am fairly new and I am not registered to vote.
Yet from your post here it shows a clear communication breakdown.
Possibly Nem needs to form some sort of Task group or groups assigned to certain problem areas.
I mean that could be their job, to identify and resolve specific problems.
I am not sure where they would fit in…
Anyhow, just an idea.

Also I am not making any critique here on anybody, it’s always easy to pass the buck and in my experience the blame often falls on those who do the most work because they pretty much partake in the most activities and become easy targets for blame, so maybe the whole system should be looked at for an overhaul. I am not praising or critiquing anyone here, it’s just a thought.

Another thing I might add that I have noticed over the years is “blame culture” in the workplace, in my opinion it gets toxic as ultimately nobody want to do “too much” or indeed certain folk become the first point of call when someone needs to cop the blame (I could elaborate on this but it’s off topic, actually I will make a post in “off topic” section some time in the future).
Again @memario, @r3n3 and @Trikar_Blockchain, this is a neutral comment, I just say that because posts taken in certain context can appear if there are insinuations, that’s not the case by far, you guys have a presence on the forum and have indeed posted some of the most informative posts and clarifications, among many on the forum here that do shed some light.

I also say that because I am probably the worst for taking posts out of context lulz.


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Hi Dan, you are a very active member, curious about nem and asking good questions to NF and community.

Good point. Indeed there is a lack of communication and lack of trust inside NF.
Keep in mind there are different visions inside NF. Sadly the actual council and exco were not able to solve this and push a clear strategy. (all of the sudden because Jaguar post everyone is talking about Catapult .
I mentioned Catapult briefly in my policy because at the end if doesn’t matter if you have the best technology if you don’t have a strategy and resources to put it on the market.

If you read other post, there is a internal war to show which region is contributing more. This is a nonsense.
Europe is doing great things and Asia as well but the approach is different and at the end there is not a clear strategy.
If you look our competitors, what it’s matter, is if Hyperledger, R3 Corda or Ethereum are getting global adoption. Nobody cares if its in Honk Kong or in Madrid.
Thanks for your support!

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I personaly think that the solution about this private chain topic is for the foundation to invoice for NEMsp training and certification.
More private chains in circulation lead to more demand for NEMsp, so more revenue for the foundation.
Then the profit of NEMsp activities could be used (and must be used as the NF is a non-profit) in a way that can benefit to the public chain adoption.
All of that while increasing the number of people trained on NEM tech in the world.


Right because that should have been the primary focus of the foundation for at least the last year. Still have not heard a compelling reason for why it was not.

What are these “great” things? How much did they cost? The fact that no one even attempts to answer these questions is an indictment in and of itself.


I’m not a developer so I can’t answer that. I was busy finding projects using public and private NEM and third parties able to help with the NEM training. Still Nem V1 has a lot of potential and as I said in my policy (asking you with no answer) about where the market is going regarding private chains. Maybe I’m wrong but even with public catapult out there I wouldn’t see any difference this year.

You said that you are happy with the COE work. In Asia, even I have some differences with certain approaches but you can’t deny that Australia, Japan, China and SEA are getting projects and governments involved. The cost? I don’t know. I only can talk about me in HK. I’m not alone in this. Other regions as well don’t have budget and resources and even with that we are getting projects involved.

BTW what about key man risk, what happens if Core devs can’t no longer able to develop NEM?

You should ask @Mark_Price about that. I understand they wanted to build on NEM but they simply needed Catapult features so now they’re forking. Please corret me If I’m wrong here Mark.

Have you been selling / marketing / training on the catapult private chain? Have you contributed to the catapult roadmap? These are all things that could be done by a non-developer.

What projects?

That is a good question for the foundation.


Yes, yes, yes and no. Roadmap is something that has to be done in collaboration with others. Happy to work with that, weather I get the council or not.

I’m assume that even though you are super busy developing you are concern about NF partnerships and projects using NEM (private or public). A different question is which projects are good enough for you.
Scroll up to 6/22. These are my recent projects in HK. More to come!

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Sorry, I don’t mean to pick on you specifically. It seems like you have gotten a few products to build on NEM :+1:. I would just like to highlight two things where I think the foundation could improve in general: (1) lack of communication (2) poor definition of success metrics.

That’s great and these companies could be instrumental in identifying pain points and/or making feature requests. But, these successes tend to be minimized because of foundation communication breakdowns. Truth be told, this is the first time I’m hearing about most of these companies.

I know of specific cases where foundation employees have lost customers to competing chains because they lacked the technical understanding required to close the deal. I don’t know how common this is, but it happens. If you measure just “awareness”, this is a successful outcome (which of course it should not be). Treating awareness as the end is the problem, not using it as a means to the end of adoption.

I forgot to answer your ROI question, but I would say an important metric is total number of users of the core technology (private + public chains combined). While I think the public chain is important, there are certainly situations where a private chain can be used to better solve a problem.


Thanks Jaguar for your feedback. Good to see that we some policies in common regarding what NF needs to improve.


I didn’t specify in the policies, but when I’m talking about NEM channels, Website is one of them.
Our website is one of the first places newcomers, enterprises and developers visit
However NEM website is out of date, with lack and confuse a information, even you read it in Spanish or english the council members changes. I have many comments for NEM customers and developers confuse with the website. There is no info about the Bylaws, policies and other important information.

I mentioned Discord in my policy and I believe can be a better platform than Telegram. There much more options (voice channels, bots, roles configuration and interaction ) Japanese community is using Discord for example.
I think Moderation in some telegram channels is not the best and there are a cannibalization with the channels and wrong marketing strategy.
I already created a NEM discord channel. If somebody wants to contribute and help please contact me in discord as Trikar#4699. I will push this weather I’m elected or not and
I want want the NEM community in it with feedback and support.