Trying to recover coins

When I first got into crypto in 2018, I purchased XEM on Binance. I had (and still have) a Trezor that I attempted to send the coins to. Without knowing anything technical at that point, I downloaded the nano wallet file and opened it. I signed up for new account at the time under the mijin option because I had no fucking clue what I was doing at that point in time and sent my coins there off of Binance.

I backed up the file and version to an external hardrive (still have this also) but there’s no wlt file in that folder. I know the password to the wallet, have it had written on a sticky note from the time I signed up. I also have the private key file backed which when loaded gave me, “wallet loaded successfully” message. It shows up on my wallet login page in the drop down settings under “mijin” when I click on that wallet and enter the password nothing happens. No incorrect password message, just nothing at all. I click login again and again but no response from the webpage whatsoever. I’ve hit a point where I’m stuck now. Any advice is much appreciated and thank you for having a community to reach out to!

If you used Trezor then there was no option to backup wallet. So you did not used Trezor.
You have to show some screenshots, there is no option to choose Mijin network so no idea what you did :wink:

Here’s what I clicked on through my Trezor and yes it took me to NEM wallet on the right is the folder of the backup the NEM site told me to make so I have everything it told me to back up from there after signing up. I signed up using “login with Trezor”. I sent the or thought I sent them off of my Binance account which I can still access. Is there any way to follow the transaction to see what I did? They aren’t in my binance wallet and haven’t been since I fucked up whatever I did a couple years ago.

If you would use Login with Trezor you would login to wallet. There is no option to backup wallet if you logged using Trezor (since Trezor is your backup). So you did sth else.

My bad, I realize that part that Trezor doesn’t back it up but I have the wallet file that I backed up separately to an external hard drive that warned me to back up when I first opened it years ago. When I load that
that wallet file its says “wallet successfully loaded” but when I try to type the password to the wallet it doesn’t do anything, doesn’t try to load or anything just stuck after successfully uploading the wallet