Unable to transfer NEM from my IPhone wallet



when i tried to send NEM from my IPhone app, I am getting the following exception.

Can some one please help.


unfortunately the laptop with the nano wallet installed was crashed. so unable to recover funds.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Did you restored app from Apple backup?


yes, i lost my phone and i restored the backup to another new IPhone.


didn’t tried a transfer till date. today only i realized that there is some issue


So you have this issue:

After restoring from iCloud backup such data as keychain are not restored. It means in your wallet there is no private key anymore. Just info about wallet address and configuration.
It makes wallet useless because you can’t send transaction. Have you private key backup from time where you created wallet?


unfortunately it was also not available as my laptop crashed.


will there be any way to retrieve my funds?