Unconfirmed transaction [SOLVED]


I would like to know the transaction status. I attached the screenshot of the transaction but it shows as unconfirmed. I would like know the reason why it is unable to reach the person whom I sent .Please note I have sent this money on 2018/8/15.Please help me with this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you



Hi, you are probably connected to node in fork is transaction is long unconfirmed.
Try change node (click circle in top right corner and select another one node from list), transaction should dissapear and balance restored. After that you can retry transaction.


Yes this has happened to me once or twice.
I changed the node and the transaction was confirmed already.
You can check the transaction by checking your account balance on the block explorer.
When I did this the xem was already deposited in my address, it is just the node did not return this info to the wallet for some reason, when I selected another node it reflected the correct balance in nano wallet.


I was able to do it well. I was able to transfer money.
Thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate that :blush:


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