Undownloadable wallet, Unneeded Cryptoverse


Hi everyone, I tried everything to get a NEM wallet downloaded to my computer. Followed every instruction under the earth, tried it on OSX Sierra and windows ten. I got onto Mona somehow and I got a name registered, I got 5 XEM from faucet then I tried later and it said 0 XEM, plus my balance went from5 to 0 Xem.
I’m beginning to think this whole thing is a scam, I don’t mean NEM itself, but the cryptoverse itself and everyone will look like fools in the end.
I understand the technology and some concepts are great. But its like going back to the dark ages. We have a fine working internet, (Except I know for Governments and hacks) which will be sorted anyway with quantum encryption.
I’ve lost over 500 euro into the void on this, its stuck somewhere on the blockheads’ chain…
I don’t want to be thinking like this. I am Human beyond compare. I will help the world through this blockchain crypto verse as I have a lot to give. Won’t say more about it but it seems to be a place where interests lie at the moment. I am starting now to open myself to the world. I am lost here as in the world but I will tell all I know and all I can see.
Seanos is the name I will go by, for convenience.
So many wallets with crazy sending addresses and passwords.
Eventually got NEM address but Mona took some xem even
I am here for everyone anytime.