Unwanted transaction


Hi I just checked my NEM blockchain explorer, and can see I received a message at approximately 3am this morning.


Under my listed ‘Owned Mosaics’ I now have a listing called - pontifier:fuck_this_shitcoin_to_the_ground

Just thought you should know, as I doubt I am the only one.

Take care


Lol, did he at leas make the mosaic untransferable?


No. But he put 10 XEM levy so please watch out for this scammer.


Found this from depths of internet, maybe this is the same guy (pontifier)


How did he manage to get an address with “FUCK” in it?
Seems to be well tailored to his message.


You can use vanity address generator. It will generate random private keys and checking if generated pk is related which for example ends with FUCK.


So he can send out a lot of these and the recipient foots the bill?


No. Levy is paid when you send this mosaic. So balance will be reduced when you will send it back to author or somewhere else.


Regarding stakes not being claimed, well isn’t block chain meant to solve these kind of issues by providing an immutable record free of fraudulent tampering or misuse?

I mean why didn’t the Nem foundation simply have all stakes rendered on the Nem blockchain?
(No pk no stake).

They really should have devised some kind of contract (funny word that) on the blockchain rather than this sort of thing occur.

In other words your stake should have went straight onto the Nem blockchain, simple, that should have been the way the stakes were recognized.

As for the actually claiming your stake well that would come some time later after you made your stake on the Nem blockchain, anything else is ridiculous.