UtopianFuture has resigned/Changes in the NEM organization

UtopianFuture has resigned from the role of the main organizer of NEM. Even though Utopian has admitted in making some mistakes previously we all should remember that there is no doubt that without him NEM would not be as far as it is today.

The core developers and contributors are currently planning the new structure of our movement. The new structure will be transparent and decentralized and the focus will be in running the movement as a community and not as individuals.

Even though there are some that claim these events to be a PR failure I'd suggest that they have only shown how strong our community is. Even though the BTT threads have been under serious trolling most of the members have not forgotten that the most important thing is to keep our minds focused in bringing NEM forward and not pointing fingers.

We should all keep in mind the most important thing - the strong NEM community we have, and not the individual people.

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