Vanity Address Generator and Paper Wallets


Vanity Address Generator

We would like to introduce the NEM vanity address generator. Would you like to have an address with you name in it? If so, here is how to do it. We now have 2 options.

The 1st can be found on Github and is faster but needs to be compiled yourself.

The 2nd is a simple program you can download and run. 1) download

2) unzip to your desktop

3) open a command prompt and type cd Desktop/nemGenVanity

4) then type java genacc

5) pick the target that you would like in your address

Three letter words should come really fast, four letter still quickly, five letter words might take a some minutes, six letter words might take some hours, and seven letter words will take days. Some numbers will not work.

If you are happy, please tip Adam. NAU5O2-TNS7N4-WB5TKZ-SYSAQF-VWBVYU-3Q7FUC-KERB

Paper Wallets

Wow, look at that!!! NEM now has paper wallets. Pretty exciting and beautiful.

If you would like to get one of these please follow the steps:

1) download

2) unzip to your desktop (or preferably a usb or flash drive)

3) open a command prompt and type cd Desktop/vouchergen (or your usb/flashdrive location instead of desktop)

4) then type java voucher

5) print and back up files

Optional: You can put this program on a usb or flash card. The paper wallets will automatically be stored on your flash drive. You can print up your paper wallets and you can store your flash and your paper wallets in two different secure locations and know that your XEM will always be safe. All of this can be done on a computer that is offline too for added security.

If you are happy with these paper wallets, please tip Owon. NANEMA-TZVL26-LNYIBB-GOZ7X2-IQ57UR-ZLEWFT-63YZ

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Quantum Mechanics has made an online example of this too for testing purposes.
When using any online website that aid in private key generation, please use with caution.

For all the cool users out there. I mean … the ones on Linux e.g. Ubuntu:

before you can do
java voucher
use this command to install JAVA 8. (Attention it’s >600MB)
sudo apt-get install openjdk-8*

Is the still there? I’m not able to download it. I know that the original post is 3years old now. Just want to check.

Hello @ALTechNEM, are you referring to the java version one which runs only on 64bit windows? If so, then here it is.

Thanks @iamNEMonic, I’ll try it.

Because old java vanity generator is not available here. I’ve prepared new simple version.

Req: You need java8 installed in your system

  1. Run for windows or linux (didn’t check if script on Linux works please give me feedback)
  2. First enter text you want find for example NALEX :slight_smile:
  3. Next choose match-type. For example STARTS (if you want NALEX on beginning)
  4. Next choose network. For example MAINNET (if you want generate for mainnet)

Depends on provided input it should take a while to generate. For 4 signs on beginning or end it should be couple minutes max.


I write about Vanitygen-cpp at
And I distribute compiled binary
Please use at your own lisk.

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Thank you so much for this @CryptoBeliever! :grin:

Nice project! I would like to see more similar things built. Is anyone working on something currently? I am pretty new to NEM but I have a background in web development and I find NEM quite easy to use and integrate.

Here is paper wallet generator that runs in your browser. You can find the code and the live version here.

This is what it looks like in the end:

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