VIMBA - NEM Ventures Investor Update


We’d like to update the NEM community on what we’ve been up to and what’s on the cards for the coming months with Vimba.

Highlights since the last update:

  • Vimba is now available in 30 countries
  • XEM instant buy is now available on Vimba in NZ/UK.
  • Multiple wallet addresses can now be connected to Vimba
  • We’ve integrated with Binance
  • Savings goals can now be added to a savings address
  • Refresh of home and about page design.
  • BTC/ETH Instant sell now available to UK users (XEM coming soon!).


I’ve recently relocated to the UK with my family as I’d like to focus my efforts on establishing and growing Vimba in the European market. The Vimba team has been focused on product development since the NEM Ventures investment at the end of March. We’ve been ensuring that the platform has the key features that allow it to be a true consumer product, enabling a person with zero understanding of cryptocurrencies to easily invest.

With Vimba now available in 30 countries, the focus of the business is now shifting towards growth over the next 6 to 8 months and establishing in the business in the UK and Europe.

Product Development

A number of key features have been built that will enable Vimba to grow towards its vision:

  • Integration of a non-custodial wallet.

  • We have now completed Euro integration on the platform and have successfully processed deposits from a small test user group in Italy and France. Instant buy of XEM will be available towards the end of 2019


  • We will be looking to integrate Catapult into the platform and are watching NEM for guidance on when that is likely to be realistically possible with the launch.


We will be building out a strategy for the U.K and the rest of Europe which will be focused around connecting with as many new potential customers as possible. We’ll be doing this by rapidly boosting Vimba’s brand awareness across digital platforms and accelerating our social presence.

Our key focus for the next 4 months will be to:

  • Create clear messaging across all landing pages and social platforms
  • Define our voice and tone as we begin to move into new regions to ensure consistency
  • Identify key marketing partnerships
  • Test out various marketing and advertising channels
  • Establish UK and EU referral scheme

During this time we will also be focused on UK PR efforts to further support our digital advertising and social media push.

User Growth

The past 3 months has seen the number of active users steadily grow and continue to increase. We expect this trend to follow as we ramp up our marketing efforts throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

Once again I thank you sincerely for your support.

Best regards,

Sam Blackmore CEO


Thanks for the update Sam! How is the traction so far with take up for XEM and do you know which countries are getting popular?

The next few months sounds like exciting times and wishing the best with your strategy for the U.K and Europe!

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Sounds great sam!
I did not know vimba was available in 30 countries!
I’m assuming Australia is now able to use it?
I have friends in Australia who would find this very useful.

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Thanks Nzminer! We aren’t available in Australia just yet but it is in our expansion plans. We are working on a few things that should enable this move very soon. I’ll keep you updated.

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Hey Jason! No problem and thanks for the continued support.

The XEM usage is approximately trending with market cap position right now. We will be sharing data on specific countries as we continue to grow and market Vimba.