[VOTE CLOSED] ORIGINS: Transparency & Trust in Textile Supply Chain NEM Community Fund Proposal name


  1. NEM integration into regulatory, commercial and social impact networks in four continents (NZ, UK, USA, India)
  2. Fundamental NEM solutions driven into supply chain, starting with global garment manufacturing
  3. NEM leverages an established revenue generating company for advocacy across a global network built by Origins
  4. Starting with direct NEM exposure and access to existing customer base of 150+ businesses
  5. Create NEM partnerships in global supply chain industry
  6. Support other organisations to develop on the NEM blockchain
  7. Increase in XEM transactional throughput via licensed supply chain solution

End Consumers

  1. Transparency over where and how products are made using NEM Apostille
  2. Increased visibility and greater understanding of costs along the supply chain
  3. Education of end consumers with a resulting change in consumer behaviour
  4. Direct use of NEM blockchain for a tangible solution