[VOTE NOW CLOSED - GreeOx] - World's First Decentralized Indoor Farm


Reading the proposals, in short this meant as platform for people to invest in portions of the Farm and expected to get Return on Harvest crops?


IOT is used for granular level of business application. Be it enterprise business through brick & mortar channels or otherwise. Here is a case of landing on the cross section where conventional business methods meets new age technlogy. We use smart sensors. IOT is linked to blockchain to give transparency on the specific use of the container as some of operation cost are directly related to what the sensor has to monitor (e.g. water, electricity, nutrients, etc…)


Given the modular and scalable nature of our project each production unit will have its own ownership contract, allowing management of micro, mini or even mega containers. The choice is being built as we develop the acceptance levels. The whole system of IOT will be linked to this contracts and help everyone to control costs precisely for each unit aside allowing monitoring and transparency.

We use blockchain not to solve a problem, but to give an opportunity for everyone to partake in community building of fractional owners of indoor farming units. The road to achieve this will force us to solve problems such as decentralized supply chain and workforce management both with real world impact.


The GreeOx token in fractional ownership offers opportunities for wider community stake-holding in the global indoor farming infrastructure. Every single growing system reaches multiple locations globally & delivers positive return to token holders.


Since we are discussing Harvesting Crops, there will be chance of bad harvesting or plague. Do you mitigate this risk?


fresh idea !
I support this project.


It is basically a hydroponics setup, how do you hope to compete with other large scale hydroponics farms that have been around for decades?


Our GroBinn solution tackles the problem of bad harvest caused by plague or contamination through mitigating as many of the risks as possible by identifying the countless numbers of inherent problems that exist with traditional farming. GreeOx’s rich history in R&D and real-world trial and errors are then applied through our protocol of managing risk factors such as a controlled state ecology with proprietary hardware design and software technologies; climate, accessibility, security, etc., to name a few… With climate control, each interior of the container is sealed with an aluminum barrier that’s welded air tight to prevent against rust from the moisture produced within. More importantly, any mother-nature issues such as hurricanes, tornados, droughts are resistant from within with the steel metal framing. From an accessibility perspective, this prevents any rodents, bugs, or insects from entering when in a locked down state. And, from a security importance, it limits the amount of carbon footprint from physically entering the domain to protect against any unknown contamination introduction that may be related to bacteria foes from soiled species (worms) as there’s no dirt or unauthorized humans trafficking in possessing poor hygienic states.


Thanks a lot for your support. We will make you proud.


Hydroponics farming we know, as an industry is on the tip if the cycle of innovation hence the industry needs to up the ante at this inflexion point & get into the volume game. We believe we are playing at the top of the pack & our vision is to go beyond the year 2050 when the population hits over 9.5 billion people. Our business model spikes the market at a micro level more efficiently & hence is likely to achieve higher conversion scale.

Hydroponics growing method is clean and sustainable that is why it’s so successful across the globe. . We have no interest to compete with large scale hydroponic farming infrastructure and we believe Greeox’s business model is more flexible, mobile, and adaptable to the demand of the consumer. Our cutting edge growing technology is smarter and more efficient. Our distribution is local and decentralized. And our controlled environment technology is designed for the new generation of urban farmers. Urbanization is happening everyday, so why is our food coming from so far away? This question will answer most of the need gaps that we are addressing. Greeox’s community will want to own and operate the food production system without the need for large scale farming operator. We are trying to solve tomorrow’s food and agriculture problems.

Limited “shelf-life” terminology will be non-existent when we come to the scene. Our growing system is literally in your city, sometime, in your building so therefore - no need for travel time of thousands of miles or kilometers from farm to supermarket shelf. Exporting to different countries are no longer a part of the supply logistic chain. Demand for local food production is finally here. Because food is no longer traveling so far away, we can offset its transportation cost with production cost associated with higher operating expenses for indoor farming. In the end, Italian parsley growing in Dubai pricing will be very competitive. Don’t forget: unbeatable freshness and pesticide-free.

Your idea of raising animals in enclosed environment is not too far away from our interest to raise “high-protein” insects for $400 Billion animal feed market and $5000 Billion human nutrition market. Climate controlled technology is our biggest strength so we are not too far away from establishing this business opportunity for our community.

We want to act as a catalyst to double the urban farming market within the next 6 years.


The insect thing sounds interesting, possibly an untapped market in the west.
Especially if they were proven to have nutritional/health value.
This young girl does not seem to mind eating them at all and having lots of Asian people in the western world there may be a market… and that market could lead to westerners adopting this food as a health benefit.

BTW she does chow them down a bit hard yet I think that is for the camera.
Yet her teeth and skin are outstanding!
I think they would have calcium and protein content.


Thank you for the support. We seek all NEMembers continued support to this clearest real-world applications of NEM blockchain.


Kia ora team @Greeox2050

The future of farming is a massive field and I love that you guys are using vertical farming. I would like to see more detail on the use of the NEM blockchain for this project.

Looking at your Milestones - #1 & #2

a) Could you please elaborate on how a “foundation” will integrate with GreeOx and its current business structure
b) I would like to think you have surveyed and could provide data on how many people would like to buy a GreeOx container seeing the business has been around for 4 years? How many have you sold to date? How many orders do you have? Can I buy one now?
c) All 4x points in Milestone 2 should already be clearly defined in your proposal before it goes to vote and I therefore see this as not required for funding.
d) some more schematics of how the tokenisation of each container would be great for the rest of the community to understand how NEM will work with GreeOx

I look forward to seeing you and the team create a solid proposal for vote :slight_smile:




The goal is to provide a decentralized foundation that is autonomous which will grant and provide financial distribution and GroBinn placement decisions based on the owners of the GROX token holders. The data collected over the past four years at GreeOx are regionalized and localized, primarily in Vietnam, Czech, and parts of the U.S. GroBinn containers are readily available under our B2I business model as we transition from our brick and mortar to a decentralized blockchain platform. We are continuously refining our milestones to ensure it best fits the community, as agriculture is one of the oldest market segments that has the most active layers on the physical chain. Stay tuned as our Marketing group is continuously adding more media visuals to display the tokenization of our GreeOx containers.


Hi GodTanu -

  1. We have not fully finalized the details of the ICO
  2. We intend to complete NEM integration into our services/product first
  3. We continue to build partners and support globally
  4. If and when ready, we work on ICO at a later date [With full details then]. We have fully intention to give a big thanks/respect/honor to the NEM community who help us succeed


It’s pretty clear that the ICO is an inevitable part of this project, but the guidelines allows to ask for funds before launching an ICO.
Instead of real state ICO, this is a Container ownership ICO. Some ICOS are tokenizing properties so you can buy a % of token that represents a property. Then the company can sell or rent that property so the token holders can get some profit depends how much tokens they own. (This is 100% security token case)
I’m ok with this kind of ICOs but here you want to create the blockchain system before the launch the ICO using nem features such as apostille, mosaic, messaging, name domain or multisig).
So I think the feedback has to be related to the milestones and use of NEM and no about the ICO.


GreeOx CEO John Tran on Latin America media.


Sorry, I will vote against this proposal.
In my opinion it won’t bring any additional value for NEM, it looks like you guys want to create a project using NEM community fund yet you don’t even started research. This is not a way of building products and having a PoC in point 3 is just something unreal. NEM had one working project in the same use case area (ecoBit) and they haven’t put the best light on NEM. I don’t think it will bring more value to NEM in current shape so I will be against it untill you make some changes in the proposal.


While we value everyone’s opinion, it’s nearly impossible to satisfy everyone’s goal. There has been 4+ years in R&D and real-world application usage with revenue structure through deployments to distributers, grocers, and even consumers. The bulk of the NEM funding proposal is for the blockchain development as stated in the Usage Case for Blockchain Technology. To avoid repeating much of what has been articulated, we look forward to utilizing NEM’s support as we continue to refine the process, as a project of this scale has never been done before successfully and it is our goal to change that. While ecoBit may have reflected poorly on NEM, we do not judge others failures. However, we appreciate you bringing this use case to our attention and it’s in our best interest to study and learn from their mistakes. Again, we look forward to more constructive criticism so we can ensure the correct funding is applied to further the development and then rewarded back to the NEM community.