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A) The philosophy of our business stems from what I pursued as a need for my own family, which subsequently turned into passion & finally born as a Company with a manifesto to make a difference to everyone’s life. The revenue model is an egalitarian system where the fractional ownership is the game changer. So to keep the core of democratization & transparent operation, the foundation lends stronger credibility. It underpins our philosophy, clearly. Furthermore, the foundation helps facilitates education support & investing in research for expanding the farming ecosystem. The Company Greeox would cease to operate in its current form because blockchain technology makes it self operational & self-sustaining with its crypto currency being held by the owners themselves. They predictably would belong to the urban farming community who have a global reach & standing. This is hence envisaged to become a global network of partners, urban farmers, customers, and investors who collaborate to operate an indoor farming infrastructure worldwide.
B) Our container farm (Grobinn) is in high demand by groceries, schools, resorts, consumers, companies, and governments. They can either buy the whole container for their own use or request for the community to manage it for them. You can buy one now and run it anywhere, and since we will be offering tokens - we can convert dollar for dollar conversion into GROX tokens. Also, to explain our business model further - community members could buy into our GROX tokens to build more farms and the foundation will help place the container at your location to further expand produce requirements.
C) The community has been asking us to provide deeper and clearer NEM tech integration for these milestones. We will update the milestones with more in-depth information immediately.
D As stated above, Greeox will update technical details in the coming days.



Speaks about his vision on the future of farming and how decentralisation will scale the agricultural industry to new heights utilising the NEM blockchain. GreeOx’s indoor farming solution and passion to help the farming industry around the world is something that will prove to be a complete game changer not only to organic food but also sustainable farming.


Simple doubt. What do you do when insects enter the container?
Are not you exterminating?
Insects enter when you open the door, right?

In Japan, there are already companies that grow vegetables at the factory, but the vegetables are expensive.
I do not think that it will be profitable with containers.


I have worked around and in and still do work in shipping containers daily.
Personally I cannot see them holding any biomass at all of any value what so ever.
Even a 40 footer would yield a very small amount.
I have to admit it is an interesting project though, yet I still cannot grab the jist of it.


Although we have designed our growing area with carefully calculated insulation techniques, there might be some pests entering the growing area.

We have been very successful in keeping pests like aphids and thrips under control by bringing in a natural predator to these pests: Ladybugs. This is the most common beneficial insects used and the best biocontrol that we use in our own farm.

Our plan is to build military-grade AI facial technology to identify where pests are and proactively managed potential large infestation of pests inside the growing room.

Japan is definitely the leading country of indoor farming and if we ask any indoor farming operator, we will all admit that the cost of production is higher than traditional outdoor agriculture. However, growing technologies have seen pricing decline over the years, which in turn will push down the cost of farm development in the near future. GreeOx have developed both container growing system as well as modular system designed for warehouses and factories. The economics in operating container farm for our business model has been sustainable and profitable for owners based on the current pricing of vegetables/herbs in most international markets. We use every inch of the container to maximize productivity. We aim to cut out all middle-men to pass on the savings to customer. Our operating costs will be lean and streamlined through automation and robotics. No more long distance travels from farm to table. We have a very clear short-term and long-term strategies to deploy both container farms and modular farms concurrently to maximize output and minimize operating costs for all participating owners.



Only 6 days left to vote, community show your support by voting to bring the first NEM Farming project live in a neighbourhood near you!


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To put in simple, this GreeOx is investment package that is using NEM platform? Otherwise out there are many Investment package offer that 'promise" some return after some period of investment, the medium can be stock, gold commodity and also livestock or Farming harvest. Hmm imho there is nothing new, only using NEM platform.


Definitely a great point to clear up. We are currently operating two different growing systems, horizontal and vertical. In this 40 ft. shipping container we are able to grow stacked vertically that would be equivalent to a few acres of land. We will provide economic details (ROI’s) for container farming soon, expected immediately after the votes.



CEO, H. John Tran, in a long day discussion on agriculture technology, food security, and indoor farming with the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Nguyen Thanh Phong, Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Liem and the team of HCMC’s People Committee. We are pushing through with real food initiatives in Vietnam, to follow across Worldwide cities in a phase manner.

How about electing a community manager?

Tomorrow at 8AM VN time/ 1AM UTC: Join us for a Facebook Live where we’ll answer your questions about @greeox-nem-worlds-first-decentralized-indoor-farm: https://www.facebook.com/GreeOx/videos/1219883344809390/


3 questions/comments from today’s Facebook Live with GreeOx CEO.

"Eddie Dawson Ferreira: profits made in fiat is converted into GROX token by the foundation and then distributed to the community based on their market share. Block chain could definitely enable this because of its transparency, ensuring the community can individually monitor the performance of the farms.This however, relies heavily on the value of the GROX token - how will you ensure the value of the token will stay high enough for the operation to continue?"

"Thanh Le We also have a question from members of the community. What would be the running cost of a container? And how would we go about owning and runnjng this on a decentralised platform"

"David, in a nutshell, could you please give us an overview of how an indoor famring like GreeOx would benefit the growth and production of organic food being powered by blockchain tech?"

Click at http://bit.ly/Live-GreeOx-9May-2018 to see the answers and many more benefits to NEM and community at large why you should support by voting YES. http://bit.ly/greeox-whitepaper


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Every single vote counts towards this incredible project.


We cannot thank enough the NEM Community for the amazing support to date! Continue supporting by voting with your highest value NEM wallet.


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Greeox is not simply an investment package but an innovative farming ecosystem utilizing the blockchain to manage and facilitate the management process. We do not offer a “promise” to return an investment after some period, we do however offer an ownership of the global farm infrastructure and the farm naturally produces enough earnings to pay off monthly production costs and the remainder of earnings will go back to global ownership token holders. To be clear, our product is not an investment vehicle, but a farm-as-a-service product and introduces new economic model for communities across the globe to partake in an ownership of the farm. The NEM platform will run the entire business process and the foundation will support its operation to create a solid transparency farming ecosystem.


Hey NEMbers

We have our revised milestones & funds usage offering clarity around the NEM platform integration as well as the fund usage to address the feedback shared by NEM community over the past 7 days. We are overwhelmed to see the depth of the feedback, reassuring us of a highly engaged and strong NEM community. We are thankful of the community’s amazing support so far and look to further collaborating in establishing NEM protocol in Agri-tech and indoor farming space.

Here is the revised milestones, for your preview, comments and support.

Phase 1
Business Formation (0 XEM)
● Market Research and Preparation
● Company structure and formation of Foundation (non-profit)

Phase 2
Minimum viable platform (1,520,000 XEM)
Implement NEM technology to fuel the Greeox foundation (phase 1)
Web application to manage farm projects :
- NEM Voting integration to approve a new project
- NEM Namespaces and Mosaic integration to allow fractional farms ownership
- NEM Apostille for operational documents (legal papers, invoices, etc)
- Off-Chain smart contracts to manage ownership lifecycle (transfer, dividends, etc)
- Digitalization of farming operations : crop status, tasks status and timeline to ensure container productivity and monitoring

Phase 3
Advanced Technology integration (1,086,000XEM)
● Inhouse development of IoT systems connected directly with the NEM blockchain
● Digitalization and integration of the supply chain in the NEM blockchain
● Advanced operation monitoring using A.I
● Robotic integration to increase yield and reduce human intervention

Phase 4
Foundation expansion (1,520,000 XEM)
○ Develop governance with operating models
○ Expand MVE and partner with consortiums
○ Pilot NEM GreeOx solution into live production
○ Design roll-out strategy and integrate with legacy GreeOx
○ Streamline technology and develop API for community operators

Usage of Funds (XEM)

Operations Kickoff ---------------------------------------- 213,584 XEM
Platform and software Development ---------- 1,737,600 XEM
Hardware Design & Production ------------------ 1,303,200 XEM
Foundation expansion ---------------------------------- 868,800 XEM
Total Costs ------------------------------------------------ 4,123,184 XEM


Thank you NEM community for all of your support to date! We are closing in fast! See our REVISED milestones as above based on NEMbers valuable feedback.


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NEM community - thank you for all of your support to date! For making it to happen!

High value wallets: Seize the opportunity.

See our REVISED milestones above for better understand GreeOx Fund proposal


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YOU got my vote


Thanks for believing in our work and trust in our commitment. Goodness will come out ahead.


Hi GreeOx. Your website http://greeox.io/ shows only “GreeOx.io is coming soon!” and a few links, especially to the NEM Community Funding proposal.
You advertised the website with “hundreds of items to select from for growth of choice” 2-3 weeks ago.
Sorry, but I don’t feel like voting “YES” at this moment :face_with_raised_eyebrow: