[Vote Successful] Community Fund Proposal for RocketShoes - a NEM-powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work


Not the project – incentives work at the ProximaX level, meaning that people who are using ProximaX are able to earn XPX as an incentive for making their nodes public. This is actually a question better directed to the ProximaX team. What I meant was that customers of RocketShoes at the enterprise level will often have lots of disk space and big pipes, meaning that if they are putting stuff onto ProximaX nodes they’re likely to be interested in this incentive model, and it will likely offset costs.


Thanks for the feedback.
Quite impressed with the approach and manner you answered this question.
Great real live example, and it makes sense.
Also I like that this team is being proactive “we are working closely with the ProximaX development team.”

You have my vote for sure.
To all others thinking to vote, this is my 2 cents. This is a great real use case to integrate and test ProximaX.
This team indicates good characteristics, which improve the chance of success.
If/When successful this will be a great project to reference that is working on ProximaX and thus on Nem as well.

There is a gap in the market for this(To perfect it and gain control of the this market, as it is overlooked). I personally have experienced this and a good example would be edx, which backend is trying to achieve what is mentioned here(currently without the blockchain aspect).
So at end of day example. Edx could pick up this software, integrate with their systems and it could become part of their systems. One example of many possibilities.


Do I understand correctly, that you put project into vote, where:

  • Phase 1 sounds like another frontend for Apostille,
  • and Phase 2 relies heavily on ProximaX for which persistent data store structure news haven’t been published yet (unless you’ve got some insider’s info)

P.S. Didn’t want to sound offensive, but I believe there’s enough critique in community fund proposals


Hi @gimer, and welcome to the conversation!

None of this sounded in the least bit offensive – if you have these questions others will too, and it gives us a chance to clarify.

I wouldn’t say that, no. A glib answer is that there are no applications that we know about of Apostille in the context of submitting assessments.

To explain further, it would be a bit like saying that that using the time-stamping capability afforded by the Apostille mosaic in NEM for an application in … let’s say healthcare, that helps save people’s lives because it verifies the times medications are taken (hey great idea) … is just another front end for Apostille. That way of thinking is a bit limited – I mean if for some reason you have a completely Apostille-centred view of the world you might might say that, but what we’re doing is starting with the problem, which is how to make assessments work better, and using an appropriate solution to achieve something meaningful. We’re building a new application of the NEM blockchain in a new context.

In software development we do this all the time, using APIs. It doesn’t lessen the impact and should be encouraged.

If you want to get more philosophical, you can take the view that all technology is built on existing technologies. I (genuinely) recommend reading ‘The Nature of Technology’ by W. Brian Arthur, where he demonstrates the (perhaps unexpected) fact that for example the jet engine was built on existing technologies. That doesn’t make it any less revolutionary, right?

What is implied by this way of thinking is that there’s little to do. The way I view it is quite the reverse – that what we get to focus on is the stuff that matters. So of course it will be a lot more than just a ‘front end’ for something else. The work is all about how it makes sense in the education context, which is where our expertise shines.

You raise a valid point here, but ProximaX is based on IPFS, so I’m going to extract a little from the IPFS white paper here:

3.5.3 Object Pinning
Nodes who wish to ensure the survival of particular objects
can do so by pinning the objects. This ensures the
objects are kept in the node’s local storage. Pinning can be
done recursively, to pin down all linked descendent objects
as well. All objects pointed to are then stored locally. This
is particularly useful to persist files, including references.
This also makes IPFS a Web where links are permanent,
and Objects can ensure the survival of others they point to.

To say that the technology layers that RocketShoes is based on are new is definitely fair – including the NEM Blockchain. This is both a challenge and a feature though. Another way to say this is that one of the reasons we believe so strongly that RocketShoes is an incredibly cool idea is that we will be in the market quickly, but it also means being somewhat at the razor’s edge. But there’s something extremely cool about that as well. In our case this means getting to work with the phenomenal development team behind ProximaX, and by doing that we hope to have some influence by testing out the technology in an important area of real world application: education!

Again, thank you.


An update on how we are progressing with the vote.

Thanks so much to everyone who has voted so far. We are completely amazed at how overwhelmingly positive people have been – with 99% of the vote being YES!

We still have 6 days to go of voting, and plenty of work to do to get the word out to more NEMbers. Feel free to share the proposal with everyone.

We are working on translations into the most commonly used languages, so if you would like to help us with that we are looking for help to translate a one-pager and our full proposal into Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, French, and Chinese (although we have already got the full proposal in Chinese). We do have English (obviously) and Dutch covered. Other languages are most welcome as well.


Hi Matt

I have read your white paper and studied every link and attribute of what you are proposing.

I have been tracking Keiran Nolans work at Wooranna Park Primary School for some time and am a massive fan of his work.

I have been fortunate to participate in another NEM community sponsored project TravelbyBIT that launched Agnes Water 1770 as the first Digital Currency Town in Australia, the town where I live.

I think your project is outstanding and following Kieran delivery at Wooranna I am confident the project will be a success.

I have just now taken on the role as NEM Regional Queensland lead. I am passionate about blockchain education for our schools and have just introduced our local state schools to NEM during a visit by the NEM ANZ team to Agnes Water. I am also working with a parent from a Bundaberg School to advance coding education and block chain education in our schools or if necessary outside our schools via after school ed programs or School holiday Camps.

You have my vote and I will be spreading the word to the NEM community I have contact with to support you.

Gordon Christian


Hoping to have one at Agnes Water State School soon !!


Thanks so much @Surfer1770! Very grateful for your support.


Why ProximaX???
Is there anything else you can do with NEM?
ProximaX still does not work.
Too uncertain.

Can You build a Farm without land?


Hi @GodTanu! Thank you for your questions!

This is a really good question – why are we basing this proposal on a technology that is so new?

And it’s true, we could achieve the project using NEM and IPFS, or another Blockchain technology and IPFS, for that matter.

The answers are:

  1. All available information at this stage suggests that ProximaX and NEM are the most tightly bound solution for doing what we want, i.e. building a decentralised storage layer that is closely integrated with a Blockchain. Why? Because of the developers involved, the resources they have, and the vision they outline in their WP.
  2. The approach using ProximaX’s SDK will take less time, and therefore be able to give more functionality, than other approaches.
  3. The ProximaX team have been extremely good to work with, and are highly supportive of our project.
  4. The NEM team were the ones to put us in touch with ProximaX because they knew of the tight integration mentioned above. Their recommendation is important to us, and demonstrates the faith they have in the PX team.
  5. The ProximaX team have given us live demonstrations of PX in operation. It’s working, and does the things we need.

One could ask the same question and instead of ProximaX ask “Why NEM?”. The support for developers is incredibly important to us – demonstrated by the architecture via Mosaics and by the existence of the Community Fund itself.


One could ask the same question and instead of ProximaX ask “Why NEM?”.

You are asking for funding in NEM Community Fund, not ProximaX community fund.


Agree for a business that should use a working technology, if you want to start your business to be profitable tomorrow then go NEM1 with IPFS. I know at least two working projects that use NEM + IPFS and the integration took two weeks, quite cheap.

Agree, it should be trivial to use Apostille feature. It’s not expensive to integrate with.


Another update on the Vote!

I’m very happy to say that the vote is overwhelmingly in our favour, with 94% by POI. Amazing support, thank you everyone!

At 18% of the requirement for 3% community engagement, we are certainly closer to our goal but with a little over 4 days to go we need to get plenty more votes for it to count. The more people who know about the project the better, so feel free to share. We need your help! Tell people in the NEM community about the project and that if they haven’t had time to vote yet, please do so. Refer them to this thread to read the proposal and decide for themselves. Retweet our vote details, and join our Telegram. All the details are at the top of this thread. Thank you!!


We are asking for funding from NEM specifically because they have shown the most support for education out of all the blockchain communities.

If we were looking for just “money” we would most likely go with Dash or an ICO, or even go .gov funding, We are focused on education and community, that’s why we chose NEM.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks Gordon!

We should collaborate in the future :slight_smile:



I agree with the NEM approach with education, but at the same time you have an ICO/VC funds in the milestones.
Some of the feedback provided here is coming from NEM devs, so I guess they know better if its necessary or not develop a new Apostille or spend a big ammount of time/money to recreate something that is already done.
I can’t say anything about proximaX because is still in developing. I like your POC though, I believe blockchain is going to be useful for education institutions, and you guys can contribute to that, but still I think you need need to simplify more the idea to get a better understanding from the community.


Been busy. I see lots of hair splitting here. Not good for NEM. ProximaX was built on NEM and not on Ethereum. If it is to be castigated as a bastard, I should see no future in NEM.

As a community member, I certainly would not want this to happen.


thanks for the feedback…

I actually see NEM as the way forward in terms of blockchain architecture and blockchain education because of the community and diversity of the tech (I try to be as blockchain agnostic as possible as well.)

I’ll take that on board though, we need to simplify our goals you think?



Been busy. I see lots of hair splitting here. Not good for NEM. ProximaX was built on NEM and not on Ethereum. If it is to be castigated as a bastard, I should see no future in NEM.

This isn’t a matter of yes ProximaX or no, in fact, the storage solution fits in their problem. We agree here. But if NEM has already some working features that they can focus on and start creating a working product after getting the funds, why should they wait until you have the SDKs late this year? It’s on your roadmap. If there’s other roadmap, I don’t have it or at least I didn’t find it.

My recommendation was:

  1. Use the current features NEM has to build a working product. Apostille + IPFS. Phase MVP
  2. When you have a working product, get the early bird adoption & feedback
  3. Migrate to ProximaX for better storage layer when required. Probably, Milestone: Content management.

As a community member, I want to see the adoption happen and create working products. As tech guy, I recommend based on previous experience and I gave my feedback to help projects and other community members have the required information to make better decisions.

This industry is hard, and there are projects failing because of the tech side taking not the best decisions. I suggest to take the path is more recommended to make a working project, so the company can focus on adoption instead of technical unknown yet problems (with the recommendation I did it will be technical issues, don’t get me wrong, this is not the panacea, just the path I think you will have less technical issues to start). When required, switch to ProximaX storage layer for more features.

I explain based on the current information we have available today.

You can

a) ignore my recommendations. Totally legit since I don’t know inside info, so maybe it doesn’t make sense what I said
b) consider it and focus on the business problem with applying the tech decisions with less risk based on working software today.

I’m analytical because I care about projects that build on NEM and I look for what it’s beneficial for the ecosystem.

Without taking in the tech side decisions, both are good and easier to develop compared to other blockchains, I think this project is beneficial for NEM as the usage makes sense to be built on NEM and I think you found the potential of NEM provides to a company :slight_smile:

My humble feedback.


One more question, cause I’m not sure I’ve seen answer to this anywhere.
Will the network providing storage be a private network?
If that’s the case, what will be kept in the public nem network?