[Vote Successful] Community Fund Proposal for RocketShoes - a NEM-powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work


It seems that there is a level of opposition just because of a small misinformation about the version of ProximaX product. Let me try giving some clarity on this.

When we develop the MVP, we were using NEM NIS1 and IPFS. For the purposes of clarity, lets say this is the 1st version of ProximaX. The core storage concept of the first version was to extend the data that can be stored as part of the NEM Transaction. Basically its linking a IPFS data hash to a NEM Transaction. We then built a bunch of features that surrounds this idea including privacy controls, easy integration using REST API endpoints and a fully built SDK to ease the integration.

This is all available on NIS1 testnet, privatenet using either a public IPFS or a privatize IPFS (either hosted in our ProximaX environment boxes or if requested by the client, on their own premise).

The WP version is the second version which will be purest form of ProximaX with all the technology stack mentioned including the first version (storagee. This includes the storage (DFMS), consensus, catapult integration and the streaming/routing layer. If you are basing it only on the whitepaper then yes, the whitepaper version is not yet complete and is still under development but we do have first version that’s already working and can be used by interested companies like rocketshoes.

@gimer , we provide private hosting (either we host it in our servers or we provide the storage contributor node artifact to the companies and they host it locally) and its either connected to NIS1 testnet or privatenet. The data on the blockchain is just a reference hash with some metadata we built to give enhancement features such as simple searching and content validation.


When we develop the MVP, we were using NEM NIS1 and IPFS. For the purposes of clarity, lets say this is the 1st version of ProximaX.

I wasn’t clear at the beginning, it makes sense to me now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying @alvin-reyes


Hi all,

@gimer, @aleix_mp, @alvin-reyes: thank you for the discussion above. We really appreciate your engagement with key issues in this project. For us, it feels like this is an important part of sorting through things and communicating our message clearly, because it’s easy for us to forget what we’ve already moved beyond in other discussions.

The NCF vote has to be undertaken on the basis of public discussion, and you have provided a lot of insights that have helped to raise the awareness of the community!

Just to add one thing to what Alvin said above – it has been explained to us that once the full ProximaX solution is available, it will actually be possible to deploy a public or private distributed file management system, and a public or private NEM blockchain. So any permutation is possible. Our end state goal is to offer a variety of solutions based on this for enterprise (B2B), as well as a public solution (B2C). Hope that makes sense, and again, this is all fairly new but it’s on the long range road map.

Which brings me back to a point raised by @Trikar_Blockchain above:

I just want to clarify, that’s not quite true as this is not in the NCF funded project milestones – it’s for the stage following that to go to scale. I hope that’s fairly clear in our documentation.


Hi NEMbers,

An important update on the RocketShoes NEM Community Fund vote!

2 Minute Video update:

We’re down to the final 48 hours, and things have heated up a bit as we near the finish. At 5.30pm Melbourne time we had 93% YES votes, but then in the space of 20 minutes we had 31 large POI votes come in, which pushed that all the way back to 50/50! Even though we had 154 votes in our favour by then, those 31 extra No votes (to bring the total to 38) were enough to push the ratio back that far.

As NEMbers know that’s the way this race works – if someone with enough POI wants to make it tough, they can. The good news is that we can just as easily swing the vote back in our favour, with your help. But time is running out.

Thanks for your consideration.


Hi NEMbers!

We are down to the final few hours in our NEM Community Fund Vote folks! As of this minute we are at 85% of our POI target for Yes! Just 8 hours and some change to go, and every vote counts! Thank you all for your support so far, it’s been awesome!!

To vote YES, send 0 XEM to:

To vote NO, send 0 XEM to:


All the best guys, looks like you’re nearly there!


Congratulations we look forward to watching the project progress!!


Yep, we did it!

Thank you to everyone for their input and for voting for us. We’ll build something awesome, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way here. :rocket:


Congrats, looking forward to the future to see what the team will produce! Just keep the attitude where it is now, push through the hard times and you will deliver on your promises.


Vote NOW on the RocketShoes Logo Design

RocketShoes is a nem-powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work, recently funded by the Nem Community Fund. As a member of the NEM Community we have decided to ask you which logo design you prefer!

You can vote using your NEM NanoWallet by finding the RocketShoes Logo Vote (24h), or simply send 0 XEM to one of the three options below:

Option A, send 0 XEM to:

Option B, send 0 XEM to:

Option C, send 0 XEM to:

Both the POI and the number of votes in each category will be taken into account as a recommendation to RocketShoes of the preferred option.


Went with A.


@MattRiddle Congrats guys, and long live RocketShoesi
Voting C :slight_smile: