Wallet "wlt" - can´t use it

I have had a wallet address “.wlt” for several years. Is there a way to see how many nems with an explorer?
Thank you

file with wlt extension is your wallet file. If you want check address you need import it to NEM dekstop wallet, login and check address inside (Account in top right corner).

Thank you!
My next problem :frowning:
I don’t remember the password. I only have the private key! Is there a possibility?
Many thx

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You must import this private key into nanowallet, create new wallet with password, and after login, you should intuitively find option for import privkey to the new created wallet.

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It Is possible to create a private key wallet by importing your private key using the NEM desktop wallet.
The procedure is as follows :

  1. click: sign up
  2. click button private key wallet
  3. click ready
  4. select the network Mainnet (in your case)
  5. enter wallet name
  6. enter and confirm password
  7. enter private key

Remember to backup your wallet and passwords once created
and never loose the private key.

As you can see with private key there is always an option to recover your account if you loose
access to wlt file.