We found the market bottom!

Yes I would be very surprised to see this current positive drop off.
Been seeing some green in the last month, very nice.
Also nice to know that Nem has been pumping with knowledge, work, world people and initiatives, not hot air.


The ground has not been reached yet. There are currently about 1650 coins, tokens according to CoinMarket: https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/

Most of them, and those who hopefully die soon, fulfill only one purpose or one task. Mostly in exchange for a certain service or as a pure payment.

And then there is a second kind, these can usually fulfill several tasks at the same time. These are platforms on which different types of systems and applications can be operated and implemented. These include a prominent example of Ethereum and also Nem.

I think with the inclusion of fanboyz and hodlers, long-term investors, dead capital with a cap between 70 and 20 billion usd when the floor is there. From then on it goes uphill.


Yes well that is rather dire, you mean a total mc below 70 billion?


Hundreds of coins can die and overall market cap can contract at the exact same time as the projects that will thrive head on upwards.

The shite will be shaken off and no one other than the bubble heads in love with them will be affected.

Market cap is a crappy and borderline meaningless metric to start with. The market cap of junk even more so.

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So you are saying we will be able to buy Nem around .01USD?
It will never happen.

Yea, i think as more professional investors come to the space, marketcap will become less used as an indicator. It doesn’t really mean anything. So many coins released just in the last few months went straight to the top 100 just because of their tokenomics. It doesn’t mean anything if you can’t sell it.

So to Dan, if we have 70 billion Mcap? and of that, about 20 billion in Xem…the Mcap is low, but xem is not 0,01usd. The one has nothing to do with the other.

And at all others, yes, Mcap is not the most important, but a good indication of market acceptance overall. In addition, I have a death of 60% of all projects and a low Mcap as a sign for the lowest mark.

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Even a dead project can have a mcap of multiple millions. I see not even the slightest reason to expect 60% of tokens to go to zero. Bitconect is still worth 5.5million. You cannot sell a token for $0.00 so it is technically impossible to reach 0 marketcap. This is the point. People will just stop looking at the MarketCap because it’s meaningless. On the other side of it, I can create 10bn tokens, sell one to my friend for a dollar and keep the rest. Now i have $10b marketcap, how does that reflect acceptance overall? That’s an extreme example, but this is what coins are doing to get their fake marketcap and seem like they are something they are not. For the few legit projects, with high liquidity and near full supply in circulation, marketcap may be meaningful, but for the 60% that you speak of it’s meaningless, but don’t expect that to be reflected in the price for the reasons stated above.

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Interesting points, ok for example Tron I think some months ago hit around 280% 24hr in the green, and yet now people are questioning it as a scam or vaporware.

Unfortunately myself as having rudimentary programming skills I cannot actually gauge the value of Nem in terms of engineering, so like many/most it is a guessing game.

if and do s and that…i am out have fun guys.

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