What characterizes a winning project proposal?

People share ideas and projects on a daily basis. However, most of them vanish because these people do not have the resources to pursue those ideas or projects.

In today’s connected world, we have alternatives on how to attain funds. The first step is to approach investors with a project proposal.

What do you think makes a project proposal a winner? Heres an article which highlites a few useful tips, thought it might help:

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One that actually does what is says it was going to do, like use Nem for example.
What we have now is a Nem devestation, big movers have moved in and they want numbers and noobs, i.e. ETH and BCC, these speculator will fill the coffers with an abundance of cold hard cash.
In my opinion I am seeing Nem funds drained by ETH backers swooning in the glow of cash, personally I think they should leave.
Bann all ETH backers, it is a redundant protocol that has proven itself time and time again to be a bottle neck protocol, yet all these people use it because the dumb millennial will buy it.

It really is not that complicated.

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I think you need a clear direction of what you want to do and be able to demonstrate the way in which you will do it. Generally, having good milestones that clearly shows the path your going to take gives investors an insight into what they’re money is going towards. I hope this helps :smile: :smile:

Hmm… good food for though there.


Yeah now ETH is bridging Dogecoin.
Cant polish a turd mate.