What do you think, will BTC again jump in December?

I think, that will a BTC in next one or two months going down but, no so much, and then coming next jump. But this time, I think it will take longer and maybe will come also a new record result. I will appreciate an expert comment.

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An expert will tell you that it will go up, down or maybe stay the same :slight_smile:

Not being facetious but there is a decent case for all options except maybe option c) which by just being unexpected I think could be reasonably possible also.

a) enter a real bear market (so far this was just a correction for btc) that could take months to years to recover from.
b) begin a long slow grind upwards like you saw at the end of 2015
c) major bullrun leading up to the ETF final date in january/february

I think option b is the most likely with some pumps and dumps in the meantime. It really depends on the whales. They have been accumulating for the past four months but so far have not been able to generate a whole lot of buying interest from the rest of the market, so we keep doing what we’re doing until the demand-supply situation is more suitable for price increase.

In any case, there is agreement about the next target being from $22k to $30k, then potentially another crash and later 100k. Just dollar cost average into a position and then just wait for the next bullrun. I think that’s pretty expert advice.


take all the risk for you to keep on making some profit and take it all for you, well it was so hard but when you are ready yet even that it is positive or negative that can ever be happen you may have what you may have too. More people that trusting bitcoin are believing on bitcoin.