What is happening to XEM price?

Do you guys think that will raise again? there is no need for preoccupation?

Look at BTC price and you will see what is happening :slight_smile:

Yeah i saw… but do you think will start to raise again at some point?

My advice: turn off your internet and come back after 1 week. Sometimes looking too much at price isnt good and causes panic selling.

Correction is healthy. NEM price has increased over 3-4 folds recently. It is highly unsustainable.

NEM has a structured and organised development. Price will follow in due course.


When the market fluctuates like this, it’s a perfect time to buy. Instead of worrying, wait for the price to drop and buy :wink:


2 hours before 2018 and I’m watching it flirt with a new ATH. Come on XEM, you can do it!

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Its been a rollercoaster, first the thief news from coincheck
and now we are looking at some positive outlook when the exchange can handle it

I am wondering what is going with the price of Xem.
All alt coins made corrections upwards and xem is still going down.
It is about hack of coincheck?

Quite possible that the after effects of the hack have lingered and prevented the price of the coin to recover.

As unfortunate as it is, we were in the spotlight for the crime committed even though it wasn’t NEM’s fault what-so-ever. The media and public don’t see it for what it is though, a lack of security measures by the exchange. Which is why we suffer.

In the long term we look good.
Remember the entire market has suffered this enormous amount of FUD since mid December.
I would say to you that this is a good time to buy more as it won’t be this price for very long. Certainly not with the release of Catapult and the publicising of Mijin. The year following the release of Catapult will see MANY MANY more DAPPs built on the NEM blockchain, increasing the value of our investments and also allowing us use of those coins in retail outlets, ie. travel & hospitality as we currently see.

Early days yet, however it may be a bear market year, note I said just ‘may’.
As long as Nem has the funds to build infrastructure and the employees to build relationships and network in this time then it is all good.
A high market cap in these times is a luxury and at present it is one even Bitcoin cannot afford.
Like this time of year is, pay your bills, go back to work, reassess your future… and then go back to work again.
Well in Australia, yeah that is the current climate for this time of year.

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I think that hackers are selling the xem that they stole. The offer is increasing and the price is dropping. That simple.
Maybe it will take two weeks to a month this phenomenon.

xemnewbie I love Australia. :slight_smile:

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the biggest problem with XEM atm is, that no one accepts XEM.
only 2 or max. 3 exchanges, where u can change ur XEM to bitcoin.

that is unacceptable and i have to say that im getting rly angry, when i see NEM-team doing shit about the problem and not getting on more exchanges.

f.e.: changelly such a long time now that they dont accept XEM’s anymore, still they are listed as an option in the NEM-wallet. this is unacceptable!

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If hackers are selling the XEM, are they not unusable due to them being tainted/tagged with stolen from coincheck mosaic?

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I don’t know what hackers are doing. Maybe I am wrong.
Yesterday I bought some xem. The price is good now.

When BTC rises in price, most alts usually drop slightly as some people sell their alts to jump on the BTC rise. Then when BTC drops, they jump back into cheap alts. Rather than focusing on short term price you’ll always be worrying, look at the bigger picture and think long term. NEM is a robust platform with solid fundamentals. Many of the projects going on in the background have promising potential - https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/02/12/nem-xem-is-the-coin-to-watch-in-coming-weeks/ Also, there is a possibility that XEM will be listed on binance according to the CEO of binance - https://cryptovest.com/news/nem-xem-listed-on-binance-changpeng-zhao-reveals-plans/ the Coincheck hack has delayed the listing.

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Good oh!

Hmmmmm how do you know?

Yeah true…

Technical folks are calling down to .00003. Geez…

Sounds like your making up some FUD there.