What is happening to XEM price?

Your link has nothing but a current chart.
Do you mean “few negative signs” or “a few negative signs”?


It is on Binance now. :slight_smile: be happy. Also you can help adoption by asking your local watering hole to accept Xem

cryptos price and HiTech stock bit under pressure

Thank Facebook?

For the price of NEM:

NEM is part of a fairly recent market, which does not follow the rules of a stock market, for example. The blockchains are not yet adoped in the business world and thus at the moment have only a theoretical value or only a speculative.

The values ​​we achieved between September 2017 and January 2018 are not representative. These came about through speculation. People have smelled the fast money and are in this market purely to make quick money. They are for the most part completely uninterested in the technique or repeating half-truths that they have picked up somewhere.

Fact is that a market that produces nothing or whose services are not yet established have reached a similar value as Amazon or Google. But Google and Amazon have billions of customers and users worldwide. That’s one of the problems at the moment. Because people will realize that they invest a lot of money in theoretical options that may never be used.

In addition, we have the problem with the market itself. When the trend generally goes down, a certain avalanche starts. Especially now after the crash. There even seems to be some kind of pump n dump. In recent months, the value has risen again and again and dropped again 2-3 days after. After each fall, however, the total volume of the market was lower than before.
What does this mean since January 2018 the market is getting smaller and smaller and this trend continues.

Now to Xem itself. Despite good progress NEM is part of this market and thus its advantages and disadvantages. Clearly, the technology is good and easy to apply, but to spread this information you need solid evidence. To generate and ensure this, Lon Wong and Jeff leave the Foundation and focus on NEM’s ecosystem. They will continue to serve as advisors and supervisory board members.


Yes I notice the pump n dump for all cryptos, imho a lot of money walked away in January, Febuary 2018, a lot of bankers now sitting on billions, they just wheeled that cash out of there in wheel barrows.
Where here in Australia with 20,000AUD withdraw limit per day, basiclly means if you had a lot of money in crypto, it was locked down, to the point that you could not sell without losing huge amounts over price dip time.

So the system crypto has here is not actually fair at all, while the whales can cash out millions yet the ordinary investor is lucky to get some cash without the bank freezing his/her account.

In this sense to me crypto is a total scam, the people got robbed, the bankers drove of with truck loads of ready cash.

Oh yes and please do not try to tell me large bankers are not involved please.
I did not come down in the last sun shower.

Tell me I am wrong.


See Are you asking why NEM is down? Here is why and Market prediction

i had already pricetalking…i stick to waht i say…

So I would not call that a fraud now. A simple bill, If you bought Nem in January 2017 and sold it on the first of January 2018 you have not been cheated. You probably made a lot of money then.

As I said, one reason why the market is so down is the hype that started in June 2017. When bitcoin rose over 1000 usd everybody wanted something from the cake. Since bitcoin was expensive they first invested eth and then all the other “coins”.
The whole thing was and is irrational. You do not invest in the blue. Billions for nothing !!!
The blame lies with everyone and causes in the greed.

Nem is moving towards off exchange transactions.
This is big, yet also has a large wall to climb over, especially in SEA,
These guys are heavily regulated, al lot of SEA is well controlled by a western banking system as is Australia, the regulators will come with their hand out asking for money for jam.

After the change of leadership remains to be seen what happens. For my part, I will not write anything for now and wait. This is not a recommendation but my wife will also move large parts to Proximax.

So Lon Wong is stepping aside as president of the Nem foundation :frowning: and Jeff is also steeping down as vice president?

Any more info on this?
What holds for the future?
Who will replace them…?


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Ordinary people are always those who suffer most not the elites.
Is not only in this case but in every day life.
If you see tax laws , kyc/aml , health care the most is paid from the working class “ordinary people” while the benefits of the system are mostly enjoyed form the elite.
The intent from the regulator is to impose regulation on “ordinary people” to maintain the current status quo and distribution of power.
Imagine how will their power decrease if all the “ordinary people” would not use banks to transact and remit the money in land and overseas and would be able to do it directly peer to peer without “legal” middleman ! :wink:

I’m afraid that this blockchain technology is a doubule edge sword from one side it could free ordinary people but from the other side it could achieve a total control of the masses and create a modern world slavery.

There is no doubt that the regulator is always seeking how to get a share of everything.

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You don’t seem to be concerned at all to give your private data for the registration process.
Only thing that is not have been asked there yet is medical chart :confused:

nop …if somebody wants your data, there is no way for you to stop them…so no i dont mind.

They already have your medical chart, no need for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres some good news about it: https://t.me/coinsignale/97
very interesting!

watching the news on price xem

Yes the current movements look promising, I am not sure but I detect a small change, it appears prices are holding quite well at present.
Only time will tell.

Distributed ledger (or database) is not solution for every problem in life. Current technology is limited with speed of transaction (block-chain change rate) , and db. network maintenance cost in comparison to centralized systems. Than there is an issue of government control and regulations as well. Maybe technology of future but not in this form.