What iş the Symbol coins' travel plan?

When do you think XYM start listing on Binance ?
Do You have any idea ? I still hodl my XEM because i am long period invester when i believe coins have a future plan. I believe nem group have good Future plan to become popular blockchain. ( Sorry for broken English)

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I would think that Binance lists XYM in March or April this year. Let’s stay tuned. The pressure on them is high enough to list Symbol - and I’m quite sure they wouldn’t want to miss out on the fees they can earn from people using their exchange.

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I have XYM in my Binance wallet at the moment


XYM will never be listed on Binance. And I don’t know why.

Binance lock all XYM withdraws and there are no plans to reestablish it.

It’s hard to trust on Binance or NEM from now on. No one talk us what is happening.

I can tell.

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Are you going to delete that post once they listed XYM on Binance? :rofl:
(You sound so convinced saying “will never”…)

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