What is the value proposition of XEM after XYM is launched?

So Symbol is XEM’s Catapult rebranded, so my question is: what would justify to keep XEM around when we will have XYM.
Are there any unique competitive advantages of XEM over XYM? Would there be a case of a synergistic relationship betwen NIS1 and Symbol?

Or will XEM just become an obsolete legacy system that will be around just because of inertia like Cobol in the financial world…?


Hello, I was expecting at least one answer from the community by now.
Really, does the nem community at least care about this project at all?

Hi, i think this one will be the case for NEM v1. But it is just natural evolution. Symbol is superior to NEM.

Not sure if XEM has technical advantages to XYM, but even if answer is no, I believe it will stay around and drive on success of XYM (if there is one), as they are launched by same community, as it proves community is alive and working… Just guess


Price ox XEM after that will be not flying high, before snapshot price can hit 2-3$, after that or even short before snapshot will drop significantly 80-90% and after that will be moved along with the moves of XYM and sometimes maybe in the rythm of XEMBTC technical chart, but i dont await much from XEM after launch of Symbol. XEM will not build bubble like the others. But XYM have huge chances to do that.


XEM = BTC = worse technology with more value
XYM = LTC = better technology with less value

A XEM selloff is expected after airdrop is completed (see historically NXT/Ignis airdrop). However, NIS1 should still maintain a different/complementary usecase, as it already has a well established community and ongoing projects. For more concrete and high-level information, let’s wait for the upcoming AMA with NEM’s CTO on Friday (https://twitter.com/NEMofficial/status/1364251204197494784?s=20)