What's next for Bitcoin?


Hi, I’m Michelle G. Jones, Digital Marketing Manager of Coinwhalenews . It is the news platform which is specialized for the latest information for the market and price of cryptocurrency.
Just out of curiosity, I want to ask your personal opinions. Now that Bitcoin’s breached that 5k mark, where do you think it’s heading next? Another miracle or a disaster is inbound?
Thanks in advance, and keep aiming for the moon guys!


Hi Michelle, welcome to the NEM forum.

I think if the price can breach into 5300 territory we could see a short bull run, but I don’t think there’ll be anything long term as this recent spike hasn’t happened long ago, maybe another fall then rise and sideways movement.

Long term I see another gradual rise towards May next year when the Bitcoin halvening happens, then some consolidation. The next ATH for BTC based on my research is to happen around Q4 2021 approx Oct - Dec 2021. There’ll be an exponential rise in price into the 100,000’s of dollars, somewhere in the region of 250K - 550K.


Hi Michelle :slight_smile:

Segwit adoption is very high, only major exchanges are slowing it down.
LightningNetwork is still in beta, but easier to use day by day.
Schnorr Sigs are being tested and probably will be merged after 2020.


This one.
NEM is very undervalued at present, imo.
Also, Catapult to look forward to, which should secure NEM’s promising future.


It’s been on an upswing since March. I’ve been observing very closely, March 8 - $4000, then as of today April 17 - $5200. So looks like it will go to $6000 by May or even by end of April.

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What’s your opinion on XEM though?