When the public mainnet is upgraded to Catapult, how will this affect the existing mosaic tokens on NEM public chain?

Will love to learn how other projects are planning.


Hi Seunghyun. I’d be happy to have a call with you and discuss your project.

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This page is very easy to understand.
Please read using google translation etc.

Current NEM functions that change with Catapult - Qiita

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Thank you for sharing but I am still not quite clear about it. I should wait and see when it happens?


I just wanted to know whether Catapult deployment will affect the existing NEM Mosaic tokens and apps.

If yes, what we are supposed to prepare.

Will the existing transactions and mosaic tokens will stay as it is? (and namespaces even if there will be structural changes). Wallets with the same address?

Looking forward to hearing the plans and grow together with the NEM community in 2019! =)

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