When will Nem price stabilise?

Is this what happens in the stock market?
I mean do you have to sell often in an unstable market?
Xem was .17c the a few weeks later it was $2.00, then a few weeks later around .30c.
Is Nem really a “long term hold”?
I could have made quite a bit of cash and doubled my Nem holdings in the last few months, yet I held out, I held out because I knew the price would drop but I never thought it would dumps so low, hence in hindsight I could have cashed out and bought in again double, with plenty of cash left over,(like most of it).
The life of the Pathetic Hodler…

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In hindsight you made the right decision based on the circumstances at the time. I guess all we can do is learn from this mistake, and not make similar mistakes in the future. You’ll just have to hold a little longer until the next ATH.

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The Holding thing is meant to be a reason for low volume, yet the ability to change your fiat into xem is in many countries a rigorous and task shrouded by fees and KYC.
Now if I could set aside my invested xem (as an asset I hold and do not spend), then have another account that I could use for say holding my payheck in xem I would surely do this.
Now introduce cost benefits and payment channels and other folk, especially those interested in using technology to save money (a lot of people) would adopt this.
The truth is most crypto is not manin stream currency due to government regulations.
I live in Australia and spending xem is not easy, nor is buying it, so it is little wonder there are so many xem “hoarders”.
They are not hoarding they are investing and the truth is their everyday spending money is being spent in fiat, because of above stated reasons.