When XYM will be add in Binance?

Binance said that support airdrop XYM for XEM. and now many exchange (such as bitrue and etc ) added XYM in their trading web but binance didn’t give the airdrop or add this coin in its trade site !!

why? any person know, when binance will add XYM ?
XYM Price is about 0.58 $ and now trading about 0.45-0.5 $ in exchanges … and binance will have more effect in XYM price…

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Only whale can decide when it start to be traded there. Dont You know that cryptotrading is risky for that reason? That is jungle.

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No Answer about the date?
Does anyone read this topic from the NEM Team?
Could you please so kind to tell us about the date?

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How is NEM Team supposed to know when Binance will distribuite the xym they received 3 days ago?

I think NEM Team should intervene there. This starts looking like manipulation. Other exchanges had no problems to distribute XYMs ASAP, only the biggest one have problem with that. It is problem for Symbol awerness too. Bad words can ruin this. Many annoyed Binance players can produce more FUD.


Intervene doing what?
How can NEM Team influence Binance behaviour?

The only thing to do is that Binance customers insist on it again and again via support and via social media.

Okay You have right, dead coin is better than living one.

Looks like you didn’t understand what I wrote.

If you think Binance is wrong than call your layer and sue them.
But it is completely up to you, as a Binance customer, to request them your coin.

IMO they will have more leverage to contact Binance than Crypto noobs from India… And they already did have shared knowledge as AirDrop was aproved by Binance team. This is very strange as the whole ”launch” was.

Binance added XYM in spot Wallet but trade and deposit and withdraw is disabled… :nauseated_face:

when can we trade?


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