Where you can see the Future of NEM

Most of the Altcoins drop down today where NEW is also drop. So what’s the future of this currency?

i don’t see it really drop, I think xem is doing quite well; 1year ago xem was by .000014btc, now 0,00003…btc;

Non existant while the foundation keeps throwing money at projects that promise to use Nem then run to eth as soon as they have the cash.

Try reading. It’s cool. They took no money.

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Seems Ethereum is a number one competitor with Nem.

I remember,when ethereum was few cents during its infancy,but see where they are now.It depends on how many devs will be willing to use nem for their projects.I prefer to use nem rather than ethereum for a various reasons my project which is huge with over 26+ services and takes nearly a year to complete my project.So yeah,once a lot of projects starts using nem,the price can go up as much as $5-$50{personal opinion only}

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