Which library to use for nem development


Hello all,

Just started with NEM development. Good support of library. A bit confuse with which library should i use? Javascript one or Typescript one. I have knowledge of both. I want to create wallets and on later transactions

I am referring following portals

https://nemproject.github.io (nem-library)
https://github.com/nemtech/nem2-sdk-typescript-javascript (nem2-sdk)
https://docs.nem.io (nem-sdk)

which should i prefer officially?


it is up to you at the end of the day.

nem2-sdk is using catapult, which is what NEM will be running its public chain on eventually. However currently it is not on a public chain.

nem-library or nem-sdk will let you work on the NEM public blockchain.



I gone through the catapult documentation. They are claiming that its available on both public as well as private chain. I had read this on this link : https://nem.io/catapult/

Mijin is private only.

What another thing i found is, in provided documentation they have written that its in testnet only. Is it so or catapult is available on mainnet too?

i had read this on following link : https://nemtech.github.io/sdk/release-notes/00-migration.html#preparing-for-nem2-sdk-1-0-0


yes it will be on mainnet, but right now it is only on testnet

Yes it will be eventually


@Saul Ok Thanks for the needfull