Why did Nem become your choice?


Why did you choose Nem, guys? What pushed you towards this decision?


future xem


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Cause I saw the potential to buy and hold, but still didn’t buy it


I’m looking to make use of the block chain, not speculate on the worth of the coin. From what I have seen so far as a blockchain, it is a easy to use with “real products” that can be used in the real world not just on line.





This type of an answer is suitable for every coin, but what is it in particular? :slight_smile:


Have you made your mind yet?


I see, what type of a product are you willing to develop?


Eco cause it does not require mining or I’m missing the point?


Share purchase based on a fixed value, so using a token for the share value is a sound method of removing the fluctuation in the crypto markets. Creating stability for the shares, and removing the need for names attached to the project and shares.

That is just one idea I’m working out the details on., but there are quite a few ideas we have been talking about, but getting one off the ground is a start.



PoI does not require electricity comparable to a country’s total uses.
PoW should have made more people happy with wasted electricity.

And PoI is superior to PoS because the saved money is designed to rot.
This supplements the shortcomings of the current economy that rich people will be more advantageous.



Here are some advantages I have found about Nem blockchain:
NEM network can perform 120 transactions per minute
NEM gives you the possibility to create your Blockchain
NEM uses Proof-of-Importance that prioritizes the relevance of users, which makes it compatible with coins that measure the relevance of users.
NEM technology is based on APIs, which also solves the problem of compatibility with other platforms.

I think those are the main reasons why people choose Nem:)


Absolutely! I see in your list all the advantages, that I wanted to mention.


What’s the crucial difference between PoI and PoS? I know only the way PoS works.


This is actually the first time I’ve heard of such a consensus type, guys. Have to check it out.


They are quite similar to many other coins’ advantages, aren’t they? but the PoI is really new to me.


1.easy to use —u can easily make ur own idea using blockchain be created with NEM.

2.i like the idea of POI which seems democratic for me.

3.it was easier for me to imagine to use NEM technology in my future everyday life than other block chains.
NEM seems intuitive system.

4.Nemu was the name of my friend who killed herself suffering from her bad economic situation…so i would like to let the New Economic Movement be in progress.


This is an article which may clarify on things - https://blog.nem.io/what-are-poi-and-vesting/


Catapult, Multi-sig wallets, support for public and private chains, API layers that plug into existing financial institutions, tps

Maybe even in that order…


The token we can produce and the transaction where we can use.