Why do you like Symbol?

Yesterday, I spoke with friends of Symbol and many did not know that Symbol offers better security than Ethereum and offers quality solutions for the blockchain.
Me, I love programming in C ++ so it’s handy for me.
And I’m fascinated by Symbol’s flexible architecture.
I am also interested in IoT (Internet of Things) programming and I think Symbol will offer solutions in this area.

I think Symbol is a good investment as a cryptocurrency but also as a technology

And you why do you like Symbol?

Just as an investment or as a technology?

Give me your opinion ?


Symbols blockchain will be with no doubt better technology than XEM(NIS1) blockchain. Better than Ethereum, much much better than Bitcoin. But market not always appreciates better solutions. Cryptomarket is like assets market with very hard to estimate value of this assets. Value may be backed by technology. From logical point of view Symbol should be worth a lot compared to the projects from first ten of coinmarketcap (without stablecoins).

For me XEM and XYM is for good tool for speculation as asset. I hope however that in the comming years technology behind Symbols blockchain will be further developed and utilised by countries or buisnesses. All in hands of NEM Team and enthusiasts of this kind of blockchain.


Symbol is a well thought out solution, providing powerful features without falling in the trap of complexity. This can be seen with the Aggregate (Bonded and Complete) transactions, the hashlock transactions protecting against unconfirmed transactions spam, receipts making explicit state changes that might have been otherwise hard to find, the REST api making symbol easy to integrate in virtually any software. Documentation is great too, helping the development of solutions based on Symbol.


So I am curious, is there a case for NIS1 when Symbol finally get released?
I mean, is NIS1 going to have any value?

Couldn’t find any info, as compared to Eth, is there a technical possibility for Symbol to host DeFi projects as a platform? Would be good if so, as it seems a direction the market looks at the moment

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I’m sorry but I have only information in Japanese. You can use google translate to translate images and texts. Or contact support directly to verify the information

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