Why from a point of view, election wont do it

Hello everybody, as you know, the elections are on. The registration phase is coming to an end tonight.

Unfortunately, we have had to attend a sad election campaign so far. Many suspicions have been confirmed. All this was topped by Jaguar’s Post. I think most have read it, but here again the link.

I would like to know how anyone who chooses to stand for election justifies the omissions mentioned there. But actually, it does not matter anymore at this time. If someone feels the need, then he should dare try anyway.

Now to the probable candidates, I think since all somehow biased, and unfortunately not suitable. I understand that not everyone has the same amount of guilt. Sometimes it was more, sometimes less. But all in one boat.

Whether they failed to provide information to better understand the situation or to block important decisions in the Council. Everyone may have had their reasons, but the sum of these decisions led us to this situation.

It’s time for the election and we are very confused. Everything went very fast at once, some fill up surprised. Once again, I personally feel that way, everything is made hastily. We got first now some things confirmed. We are facing a flood of information that we would like to have had earlier. And we see a rift in the foundation with sometimes diverging interests, which are still not clear.

Personally, I did not sign up for these reasons above. I had expected problems, but what is presented here exceeds all my expectations.

The only solutions that I can think of are:

  1. We shift the whole thing.

  2. The long-term solution is in my opinion to find a new person for this office. Until then, Kristof will remain in his post and we will re-elect the council in the spring.
    One of the Council’s new tasks will be finding suitable candidates. And preparing a thoughtful and reasonable new election of the president.

  3. The appointment of a controlling body consists of 2 economic managers who have nothing to do with NEM. A community representative and an official representative of Nem.

If that is not possible, I would welcome a new start under new structures.

In the end, I want to thank Core Devs for all their efforts.


I agree with some of your points raised.

Maybe we should just votes for council members and then as you stated, they should run the elections, to prep for President, Vice etc voting.

I also believe all council member should be known publicly and should be communicating with the community on regular basic, this should be one of their main focuses. If they cannot do that, then they should move on to another positions, i.e. brand ambassadors, as most of them are by now.

Maybe we should create new structure, but the thing is we do not have enough info now to even make an informed decision on that.

Also council members need to meet regular expectation, at the least, if not then a quick new voting should take place to replace.

I might be wrong but remuneration might be one of the issues, but at the end, if I understand it correctly, members got xem share amount, so money should not be an issues for them.

Would be interesting to open this up, to hear from the current positions holder.

Seems like currently Nem has a lack of governance, confusion on the level of decision making, who is responsible for what, the vision and way forward etc. It is not going to be easy to fix all of this, going to required a lot of time and dedication to address.
There a people in private companies that have full time jobs to address issues like these in an organisation.

Just a note, all is not lost, this is how an organisation grows, next season is going to be a crucial one, we need lively, willing and able members with business acumen and professionalism.


Yup. It’s looking like a total piss take at this point. The plug needs to be pulled and a rethink is in order.

The stuff that’s emerged in the last few days casts a different light on everything. The gist at least is that some of the personnel in the foundation are a bunch of bone idle good for nothings. They’re going to know how to stay that way as well.

The numbers registered are pitiful and inflated by single accounts sending the membership fee to multiple people.

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Is this how Hard Forks happen :thinking:

Well you are obviously better informed than 99% of Nem holders. :sunglasses:

If you want to see how many have registered for the election, here is the link. Just below 200 as it looks.

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Voters or candidates?


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Well the old saying “Rome was not built in a day” stands true, possibly the timeline is way too stringent.
As far as I can see there are some bumps in the road that nobody panned for.
Murphy’s Law “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”
Has there been enough preparation to negate the things that can go wrong, or at least a plan B?
This is my main critique of Telegram as a real platform for sharing ongoing information, it holds nothing solid and many who have these “open discussions” on Telegram will indeed walk away with nothing but reams of chat logs (not to mention any worthy investors that might want to check Nem out and find nothing but a bunch of animated Giffys).
I have not registered to vote as I have not really heard or seen much of anything that amounts to a whole pile of beans.

Maybe we should just elect a president and have a say in the Vice President nominees, then let him/her choose council members?
In this way there would be a working structure from the start as the president could talk and share information with all the council nominees and decide on a strategy and people that will best suit it, further more those that did not make council would of at least had the opportunity to have themselves heard and remain in the loop… maybe I have this all wrong… Did I just describe a benevolent dictatorship?.. not if we vote in the President.

I cannot see the point in Voting for a president then deciding who he/she will work with, which indeed forgoes any reasoning the president may have.

The only thing I see scary about this s that politics and marketing might take heed over highly skilled and intelligent programmers, programmers write code, they write programs yet I feel the general population is inclined not to appreciate those that think out of the box and indeed to walk and talk and may very well offer some ideas that might be ignored.
Oh yeah and the fact the Nem crosses many cultures, Nem is not a country so traditionally a president would not need to think equally across cultures, yet in this case the President would have to be quite efficient in working across borders with equal reason.

Nobody likes a thinker.


Who came up with the idea of paying $50 so that you could vote. I refuse to pay, and abstain from voting. No wonder there’s a low turnout, 200 isn’t democracy.

Well 200?
That’s a joke any scientist stats guy or tech analyst would indeed tell you that 200 of anything is not a representation of anything.
The margin for error is so large you might as well be riding a rubber ducky into the deep blue sea.

In the first place it came as a surprise when the registration/ KYC/ fee paying period was so short. Why wasn’t all this done way earlier? I think all council members need to answer this/ explain the series of decisions that led up to this point.

Kristof already explained why the time window for the registration was so short. Elections have to take place in 2018 because of Singapore law.

He also admitted that the timeline is far from ideal but it was the only thing they could piece together in the short time.


How come they didn’t use the other 10 months in 2018, do you know?

1 week to register to vote for the elections was way too short IMO.
It makes no sense to continue to learn about the candidates and do due diligence when you can’t even register to vote in the elections.

I missed out because of this …

Yup. It’s an absolute screaming piss take, plus having to deal with some app with 50 downloads or whatever to verify you.

If this had happened anywhere with an actual profile the outrage would make your computer melt.

The average school election run by 6 year olds would be more democratic and professional.

Sorry i don’t have any additional information as to why this wasn’t planned sooner.
My guess is it wasnt on the radar until some time after Lon left. And then it needed to be rushed.

I am also very disappointed how this was planned especially the KYC part. If it wasn’t for NEM i would have not done it.

I can not judge that from a distance, but as far as I’m informed the elections should have taken place shortly after Lons departure. I think Kristof has also referred to this, and said that was not possible because of the Foundation. Unfortunately, we have, in my opinion, wasted most of the year 2018.


Look at post of Kristof. Seems Lon not shared the list , then 60% from same country ( punapeter said ).
Maybe council fight took long time and APAC people wanted 60% members. If no need to pay for member then easy to find lots of crazy people not interested in NEM but want to vote for APAC leader.
I imagine how this goes. APAC people want to cheat it is clear.

Buy votes now but what happen before ?

Stalling elections …

Make sure good people not make progres.

Only 2 council member now candidate Steve-o and Nelz , why others not?

I’m afraid that even after the election we will still have the same legitimacy issues. Or at least the debate does not stop immediately. Unprejudiced candidates or a restart would have been better. I’m curious on the outcome of the situation and I mean not only the result of the election.