Why I am having NIS is starting continously on macOS? Help please!

What can I do?

Any thoughts?

Do you need NIS running locally? I suggest you connect to a remote NIS node, and run NCC with ./nix.runNcc.sh

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Thank you!

I now confused though… In NanoWallet I can do export .wlt file, which I have had already, but can not import in another NanoWallet. I installed Standalone just to get .jason and .adb files to import to NanoWallet. How can I properly backup my Nanowallet?

That is the backup. There is no difference between the wallet file you are using, and the backup ‘.wlt’ file. By choosing backup on nanowallet, you are simply making a backup of the “.wlt” file.

You can import the backup ‘.wlt’ file into nanowallet to test it out.