Why is money so important? The Emperor's new clothes


A guy just asked made a vid on youtube about what you would do if you won 200million in the lottery.
I would keep 1 million for myself (maybe even less if need be, no need for millions) and then use the rest to change some stuff.
I notice there is a lot of “eco freindly” stuff being thrown around, yet in reality who cares since “eco freindly” is governed and created by governments who receive tax.
Cambodia has these kids that work in rubbish dumps, now I am not rich and I am not very smart, yet it is obvious these kids need homes and schools.
I feel that there is an option to introduce recycling infrastructure into this niche, make profit, help a person get a step up, create a wage system, union, education and some health care.

One of my great ambitions would indeed be to help those that never got dealt a full hand, to do so a project must have profit and indeed production… why are we all looking at Lambos?
What makes us more important than a child living in a rubbish dump?

Do we all aspire to being Mark Zuckerberg, a man that buys Islands and works hand in hand with the CIA? Dude you can have that folly, the millions never done much for him, just a sad man sitting in a courtroom…
Lets free ourselves and help others, do we really want to be like Rodger Ver with billions, yet sitting on his hands?
Rich in bank, broke in heart.

Why do we have to be all money hungry fuckers?
That fine BMW makes you look good, but in reality its a symbol, that you made it…It does not really give a guarantee that you actually did "make it’’ , only you will know that…