Why is Nem nearly out of the top 20?


Can anyone at least give some educated reasons as to why Nem is falling like a stone?



There’s no hype, it’s not an ICO with all the inbuilt delusion that brings, it’s old but not established, it’s eternally invisible, it has always, always had the lowest volume and the weakest hands.

I think it’s a coin most people toy with briefly and then discard.


Yeah ok but we have seen the volume recently, yet I guess that is what is now being called a “bubble”.
What I mean is - Has coinmarketcap been a poor measurement of the market and indeed value of any particular coin?
I mean YouTube and twitter to me appear to be even poorer research tools.
I am sure no real trader/investor makes buys based on youtube or Telegram posts (or coinmarketcap).
So where is the real information on Nem? and for that matter on any coin!

And what is the future of the Nem coin (xem)? will Nem eventually be a company with shares?

There is too much hoodoo guru and backstage voodoo for anyone to invest unless of course they are well informed investors with strategys in place to dump/sell their millions at will.
Crypto looks like a sham mate, as above reasons.



Nobody knows what it is yet hence the incomprehensibility and chaos.


Then how are people expected to invest in Nem?
Say if it went to .10USD then would this be a good time to buy?
Or is this Nems Swan song?
Ridiculous that Nem is only 2 steps above Omisigo which has not even half the global reach of Nem.
I am perplexed.


I’m talking crypto in general, not nem. People need to figure out what it means before it can progress.

The market’s always treated XEM like a pure shitcoin. I think perceptions for everything would need to move beyond nothing but dollar hunger for its treatment to improve.


The currency pair has added more than five percent in the past 24 hours but this is nothing more than a simple correction as XEM/USD established new lows during the weekend. XEM/USD stays below the descending trend line in the moment of writing.
When we zoom in the Hourly chart we can see that the price has tested the support area at $0.1459 during the weekend but failed to jump over it. The buyers have driven the currency pair higher later and the price is above the support area at $0.1539 currently. The possible ways for NEM -0.54% are the following:

  1. Red scenario ( bearish ). The currency pair will cross the support area at $0.1539 targeting the next support at $0.1459.
  2. Orange scenario (neutral). XEM/USD will stay within the current range limited by the resistance at $0.1682 and the support at $0.1539.
  3. Green scenario ( bullish ). NEM will break through the resistance area at $0.1682 and move higher targeting the next resistance at $0.1873.
    BTCUSD is still bearish btw, so possibly we’d go up really hard soon on Nem.


Ok if I ask why my car was out of fuel then you would give me a technical rundown of the engine as an explanation?


Not only NEM but almost all cryptos are falling down, but NEM is a good blockchain and have many upcoming projects. Just wait and see. HODL!


I bought some Nem yesterday.
But yeah, This summer I will be investing in something else (not crypto fcol).
This winter I might put a few more dollars towards it, but crikiey! the volatility!
Maybe I will invest in a new computer, a cheap one have you seen how much those guys are askin for an Apple laptop? Thousands and thousands of dollars… mate for that price the computer would damm need to suck me off while im watchin porn.


As the others have basically said, NEM is a slower moving project. If you invest, it is a long term investment, not a ‘get rich quick’ crypto (not saying you’re after that haha)

Also, because NEM has nothing new to show to the public, naturally people are going to lose interest. Instead of a huge team of developers pushing Catapult out quickly like EOS, they’re taking their time so we can have a quality blockchain. Look at EOS, they had some issues with their blockchain though they had more developers and got out their blockchain in less time.

Basically, NEM is quality over quantity in my eyes.

We know the tech is good, and that will prevail in one way or another


I think Catapult is already released as open source.
Well some of it anyway.


Is not NEM has nothing new to show to the public, the point is that a lot of people still don’t know NEM features. There some XEM holders that don’t have a clue about the technology.
In my opinion there is no rush with Catapult or other features. We are in the early stages. Companies and governments haven’t squeeze NEM APIS. voting API, Apostille, Multisig, message,etc. How many companies in the world are using voting with blockchain, notarize documents, crypto payments…only a few.
I think we will see an explosion of adoption of these nem and new nem features in the next 5 years. We need to show more USE CASES, it’s the only way to get adoption.


+1 I agree. Those are good points, NEM is an underrated technology.


@Trikar_Blockchain agree…It’s all about market adoption, rather than speculation.