Why Nem is dropped 0.83$ to 0.35 $!

why nem is dropped from 0.83 $ to 0.35$ …in airdrop day ,all coins will go up…what’s happen for XEM? any problem in XYM ?!! what will be the price of XYM ??

@amirheavy we have been talking about it on other post.


There is no real answers for this big dive. But there is one possibility and it might make sense or big gamble.

People sell XEM tokens to BTC pump (we know BTC will rise up to $58-60k) and wait for XYM to get listed (it will happen on March 15-16) then use all XEM-BTC tokens to buy more XYM tokens…
People think NEM give them free money and can buy more XYM tokens. Later they will sell it for high.


There are a lot of variables, but some people seem to have shorted (sold) XEM with the expectation it would go down enough they could buy it back at the lower price and make more than they could by waiting for the airdrop. Who’ll turn out to be right in the end a few years later? Anyone’s guess.

https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/symbol XYM and XEM have a combined value higher than XEM a few weeks ago.

This is as true as it gets, things sometimes just drop in price, that’s healthy. It’d be unhealthy for the price to go up non stop.